If you’ve met Julian, he’s probably asked you “howzit?” A friendly, South African greeting meaning hello, how are you, what are you up to? On our blog, we’ll share how we’re doing and hope you’ll do the same. So…howzit?

Your 365 day JKCP Experience

Education. Sports. LinkedIn. Twitter. Facebook. What do all of these have in common?

Before you approach an answer, think about the experiences of all of them. Think about how being exposed to JKCP has potentially enriched your life.

Education and sports have brought many together to form long lasting connections. Bonds have been made through the competitive nature, the fun loving atmosphere and the overall experience partaking in JKCP. Graduates of JKCP have gone on to become successful in their chosen fields and have always enjoyed reminiscing when they return. In essence, the opportunity to participate in our education and sports programs at JKCP has led to a wealth of ongoing relationships being built.

A common interest or passion may have brought you here, but the relationships built will keep you in the JKCP fraternity for the rest of your life. With Social Media in play, your relationships are accessible 365 days of the year. It’s all up to you! As JKCP helps you form these bonds, we are ready to further develop the bonds in digital fashion. LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook will lead the way to connect you to your JKCP crew. We will make you feel as if JKCP is a year long experience.

Our gift to you is to keep you enhancing your skills whether it be in education or sports, while at the same time establishing connections that will forever impact your life. All of this can be brought to you by JKCP.

Now it’s your turn. Your turn to experience….the JKCP experience! Are you ready?

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