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JKCP Alumni Spotlight: Brian Smith from USM!

Julian Krinsky Camps and Programs has been around since 1978. Our camp has evolved over the years, but one thing remained–we have had some amazing alumni! We want to highlight our alumni every chance we get. 

As we were tweeting, we caught up with Brian Smith from Useful Social Media who happens to be a JKCP alum. 

Hometown: River Vale, NJ
Currently Living In: New York City
Years at JKCP: 3
Program Attended: 2 weeks from ages 13-15 for 3 years—Golf Program

College or University Attended: Indiana University-Hoosiers!
Degree: Political Science, Business Minor

Current job: U.S. Director
Company: Useful Social Media

Previous Positions of Interest: Director of Events at Campus Socialite Media; Director of Business Development/Lead Producer at Black Apple International

What do you like about your current position? The daily interaction I have with some of the brightest minds in Corporate Social Media, and providing useful business intelligence products to aid a corporation’s social strategy. I also have the opportunity to travel 5 weeks out of the year to wonderful cities in the US and abroad.

When you’re not working, what do you like to do with your free time? I try to golf as much as possible. Living in Manhattan, golf isn’t the easiest hobby. If I play a few times per month I’m lucky. I like to watch sports, play poker, and attempt to stay in shape.

How did your JKCP experience impact you? JKCP showed me no matter how good I thought I was at golf, there was always someone better. I realized I’d never become a professional golfer like I thought I would be, and that allowed me to take a step back and enjoy the sport versus attempting to make it my life.  

Do you have any great stories to share? Achievements? It took 3 years of coaching, but I finally won the Top Level Golf Championship at JKCP in my final week of my last year at the program. The trophy is now somewhere in my parent’s house boxed up with a collection of other accolades after my parents decided to turn my “childish” room into a guest room.

What have you learned in JKCP that you have taken to apply to your life? To appreciate where I’ve come from. To be able to go to a program like JKCP was a wonderful experience, and I can’t thank my family enough for the opportunities they’ve provided me to get me to where I am today.

Quotable: Give us one quote to sum up your JKCP experience. “JKCP is an incredible program, run by incredible people, for an incredible group of young students.”

Thank you for catching up with us, Brian! If you are a JKCP Alum, let us know and we can do a spotlight feature on you as well. 

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