If you’ve met Julian, he’s probably asked you “howzit?” A friendly, South African greeting meaning hello, how are you, what are you up to? On our blog, we’ll share how we’re doing and hope you’ll do the same. So…howzit?

Enrich Your Fitness and Your Mind!

Our Enrichment program offers you the opportunity to enhance your knowledge and interest in many courses. You will be able to select courses like Science & Technology, Business & Leadership, and the Arts–including Computers, Engineering & Robotics, SAT Test Prep, Community Service, Music, Fashion, Cooking, Film Production & Video. Of the those courses you can also chose Yoga, Tennis, GetFit and Sports

The beauty of Enrichment is the plethora of options

Looking for a balance between academics and sports? You can start your mornings practicing your tennis game and spend the afternoon experimenting in the Science and Technology class. 

Are you the total athlete? Go for it! Start your morning doing our GetFit Program and after lunch continue to stay active playing Tennis.

Have an interest in design and the arts? You’d be surprised how much you can learn with a morning filled with Music and an evening of Fashion.

So you can see just the beginning of all the options of enriching summers you can have with our Enrichment program!



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