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Meet the Ballen Family! Catching up with Rachel Ballen…

"Julian Krinsky Camps and Programs was starting an internship program. On the brochure, it stated that if you wanted an internship that was not listed, to contact the camp and they would see if they could arrange it", says JKCP Alum Rachel Ballen.

Rachel Ballen had been spending her summers at the Julian Krinsky School of Tennis. It wasn't until the third summer that she took her interest in medicine a step further by proactively innovating our internship program to include her interest of nursing.Due to Rachel's desire to do an internship in Nursing, the internship was started for her. Today, nursing has grown into one of JKCP's premier programs at UPenn and of the most popular internships.

Rachel's dream of visiting Africa to help children became a reality thanks to Julian Krinsky's internship program. Rachel started her internship at HUP (Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania) under the tutelage of Jane Barnsteiner, PhD, who became the perfect mentor. While Rachel was still in high school, she researched orphanages in Africa to find one where there had never been any volunteers. She was able to find a perfect fit for her with an orphanage in Rwanda. Since 2005, Rachel and her father make it a tradition to visit Rwanda and have since started a non-profit called Rwanda Education Assistance Project (REAP). 

Working on every floor of the hospital and being exposed to everything that medicine entails confirmed Rachel's career path. Later she was accepted into one of the country's top nursing schools, Case Western Reserve University.  Rachel graduated in 2011 with a BSN, RN from The Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing at Case Western Reserve University. Last summer, she returned to Rwanda as a Nurse working in a health clinic. 

Not only has Rachel been able to follow her passion in nursing, but she also enriched the internship program at Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs. Leaving JKCP with such great knowledge from her unique experience, she also formed great friendships that include three of her best friends to this day. 

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