If you’ve met Julian, he’s probably asked you “howzit?” A friendly, South African greeting meaning hello, how are you, what are you up to? On our blog, we’ll share how we’re doing and hope you’ll do the same. So…howzit?

Meet the Ballen Family! Catching Up With Josh Ballen…

"I remember it well…I called our camp consultant in New York City and laughingly said, 'I have one to stump you this time, Josh wants a business and golf camp. In shock, I heard our camp consultant reply, "I have the camp for you….Julian Krinsky Camps and Programs!" recalled former JKCP parent, Sharon Ballen.

So it happened…Josh Ballen began his JKCP experience. 

Josh Ballen​ was interested in business since he was old enough to talk. The interest grew as he and his grandfather would discuss the stock market every night beginning in 4th grade when his math teacher initiated a "stock market" simulation in their class. Josh and his grandfather keep the conversation going to this day, but it doesn't just stop at business. Josh's grandfather is an avid golfer and Josh would frequently join him. Enter Julian Krinsky Camps and Programs and Josh was ready to experience a summer he would never forget. As Josh's mom points out, "He really enjoyed the golf aspect, and plays to this day, but the business aspect for him was like a bee on honeysuckle. He loved every minute of it." Not only that, but he loved Julian and considered him a mentor.

Josh's combination of business and passion for travel led him to start his own online travel business for family, friends, and teachers which he ran until he entered college. Starting in the Business and Golf programs at JKCP led Josh to Leadership in the Business World program at the Wharton School of Business at University of Pennsylvania. After that, Josh took his business talents to Tulane University where he majored in Business with a double major in Finance and Management. During his senior year, Hurrican Katrina hit New Orleans and Tulane University. Josh was in a predicament as he had less than a week to find a university similar to Tulane's Business program. University of Pennsylvania took 100 students who were affected by Hurricane Katrina and only 30 students to Wharton. Josh was lucky enough to get into Wharton. 

Post college, Josh landed himself a job at a private equity firm in Los Angeles. Then he ventured back east to begin his own business in travel. Recently he has returned to private equity while planning to go for his MBA in the fall of 2012.

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