If you’ve met Julian, he’s probably asked you “howzit?” A friendly, South African greeting meaning hello, how are you, what are you up to? On our blog, we’ll share how we’re doing and hope you’ll do the same. So…howzit?

Weekend Trips & Activities FAQs

What are the Weekend Trips?

Now that's a truly exciting aspect of the Krinsky Experience. Our weekend trips include major East Coast destinations like New York City, Washington, D.C., the New Jersey beaches and others. You can find out more about our weekend trips in our blog series entitled The Cities, The Theme Parks and The Adventures. 

We also have Sunday trips which could include; Philadelphia Zoo, Adventure Aquarium, local sporting events, museum visits, The Franklin Institute, shopping and more.

Do they cost anything extra?

Some of our programs are all inclusive while others include the ($200) weekend trip fee

How do they work?

At least two trips will be offered each Saturday. You choose one. The weekend trips above are the Saturday and Sunday trips. On Saturday, we can leave as early as 9 AM and return as late as 11 PM. On Sunday, we will have a later start so you can sleep in, enjoy brunch and leave around noon time while returning late afternoon around 5 PM.

What are the evening activities?

On-Campus activities include; casino night, dance party, games night, talent show, campus olympics, outdoor movie/video night, karaoke and pizza party, and double dare.

Off-Campus activities could be a trip to the IMAX movie theater, a night out to see fireworks, a night of bowling, shopping at the King of Prussia Mall, concerts and coffee houses, beat street dancing and a theater or comedy club.

Do we have a choice in the evening activities we participate?

Most likely nights will be designed around specific evening activities with some choices. The activities will vary depending on your age and the campus you are on.




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