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Exploring the Majors at the University of Pennsylvania


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Camp has my consent to take my child on off-campus trips. Camp has my consent to secure medical treatment for my child in case of emergency on or off-campus (a completed health form will be required for participation in camp activites). Parent/Guardian will be notified immediately. Camp may elect to access family health/accident policy. Camp retains right to use photographs of camper for advertising purposes. I have carefully read the enclosed information and agree to the terms and conditions stated on the application forms.

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Please choose the session(s) you will be attending:
Session 1: June 27 - July 17    
Session 2: July 18 - August 7    

Major Tracks:
Please choose four majors and list them in order of preference. We will try to accommodate your preferences. The fourth choice will only be used if there is a conflict in course scheduling.




Minor Tracks:
For one week, your minor will be College Admissions 101. Please choose three additional minors and list them in order of preference. We will try to accommodate your first two choices. The third choice will only be used if there is a conflict in course scheduling.

1. College Admissions 101

Essay Question:
(this essay will be used as a learning tool in College Admissions 101)

Please fax or mail your finished essay. Please write 300 words about one of the following themes:
1. Relate an experience that has occurred in your life and changed you in a significant way.
2. You have attended Exploring the Majors, graduated from college and are now 30 years old. What is your most important accomplishment since graduating from college.?

Pricing and Fees (per session)  
Tuition, room and board $3450
Weekend and Weekday Trips $260
Application Fee (non-refundable) $50
Optional Services  
Refund/Cancellation Insurance 5% of tuition
Afternoon Golf/Tennis Charged by the day
Laundry Service Charged by the pound
Pickup & drop off at Philadelphia Airport $30 one way/$50 round trip
Van Shuttle to NYC, Newark , Tarrytown $60 one way/$100 round trip
Pickup/drop off at 30 th Street train station No charge
Overseas Camper Surcharge $150
Refundable Deposits  
Room/Common Area Damage $100
Lost Key $100
Penn Card $25


Please send with check(s) payable to:

Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs
610 S. Henderson Rd.
King of Prussia, PA 19406 USA

Phone: (610) 265-9401, 1(866) TRY-JKCP

Fax: (610) 265-3678


Payment of Fees
A $750 deposit plus a $50 non-refundable application fee must accompany this application. Full payment is due April 1, 2004, or enrollment may be subject to cancellation. Applications for admission are reviewed in order of receipt. We will notify you of your acceptance and if your preferred sessions or courses are oversubscribed or not available.

Refund/Cancellation Policy: Notification of withdrawal must be made in writing to the program. Refunds will be made as follows:

Withdrawal Date:    By May 1 May 2 and later
Amount of Refund: All but $300 No refund without cancellation insurance*

*Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs offers cancellation insurance that provides a refund of all but $300 of the total payment. The price of the insurance is 5% of the tuition cost of the program. There will be no refund of tuition after May 1 if cancellation insurance is not paid in full by that date.

Even if cancellation insurance is paid for, there will be no refund for a student who is asked to leave the program for use or possession of drugs, alcohol and/or weapons or whose conduct is detrimental to the program. These decisions are at the sole discretion of Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs.


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