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Come and Laugh and Let Loose Your Endorphins

Canyon Ranch exercise physiologists and group leaders team up with Julian Krinsky instructors to create “smarter minds and bodies.” All that’s missing is you! This is a unique opportunity to explore exercise, fitness and every aspect of your potential with world-renowned experts who are friendly, welcoming and fun to be with.

Our curriculum is designed to provide the ultimate holistic approach to mind-body wellness. Students have broad flexibility in selecting and trying courses based on their likes and interests. Each class — whether it’s sports, spirituality or spa service — is directed by a knowledgeable, qualified instructor using the latest equipment and techniques.

State-of-the-art Equipment and Courses for Everything from Bosu Ballyhoo to Serenity Stretch


• Reebok Core Board
• Bosu Ballyhoo
• Rock Climbing
• Spinning
• Cardio Kickboxing
• Stride and Strength
• Aerobic Jam
• Awesome Abs
• Trail Run
• On the Ball
• Hike
• Bike Quest
• Body Bar
• Self Defense
• Sports Conditioning
• Pilates Mat
• Basketball
• Swimmer’s Challenge
• Golf Clinic
• Tennis Clinic
• Healthy Skin Workshop
• Fit for Life Workshop
• Footwear Analysis
and more...

• Yoga
• Journaling
• Art in Motion
• Fashion Design
• Mindful Meditation
• Serenity Stretch
• Massage Workshop
• Spirit Walk
• Spirituality Workshop
• Relationships
• The Tao of Stress
• Music and Moods
• Real Beauty
• Mirror Image
• Tai-Chi Hike
• Sports Psychology
• Sleep Workshop
and more...

• The Zen of Eating
• Canyon Ranch Nutrition
• Hands-On Cooking
• Taste the Difference
• Chocolate: Food of the Gods
• Portion Control
• Supermarket Smarts
• Cooking Demo
• Nutrition in the News
• Healthy Snack Trip
and more...

• Yoga One-on-One
• Nutrition One-on-One
• Exercise Physiology One-on-One
• Personal Training
• Tennis One-on-One
• Reflexology
• Massage (Shiatsu/Thai/Head, Neck, Back & Shoulders)
• Citrus Skin Facial
• Fizz Ball Pedicure
• Pilates Private
and more...