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Sports & Fitness

Canyon Ranch: Typical Day

Feeling Good Is Awesome

The Julian Krinsky/ Canyon Ranch experience is an outstanding way for teenagers to enjoy fitness, sports performance, relaxation and great food. There are no rules or diets. Instead, it’s a positive awakening and first-hand experience with benefits for a summer and a lifetime. Our curriculum is designed to be the ultimate holistic approach to mind-body wellness. Students have broad flexibility in choosing courses based on their likes and interests. Each class — whether sports, spirituality or a spa service — is directed by a qualified, knowledgeable instructor using the latest equipment and techniques.

Inspirational Instructors

Our food specialists, exercise physiologists and service providers have developed an exciting program to help you look, feel and be great. Why not take this unique opportunity to explore every aspect of your potential with world-renowned experts who are friendly and fun to be with?

Whatever you do, it’s guaranteed to be interesting and enjoyable. The same goes for evenings and weekends. The schedule for a typical day is shown below. Click here to see the schedule for an entire session.

A Typical Day

7:30 Wake-Up — Residential students live in air-conditioned dorms, with residential counselors on each floor with their students.

8:00 Morning Assembly — Students and staff get together for announcements.

8:15 Breakfast — Enjoy the most important meal of the day in our comfortable dining room or on the veranda. There is always a cooked breakfast, as well as yogurt, fruit, cereal, breads, bagels and fresh-baked Canyon Ranch muffins.

8:45 Day Students Arrive — Day students check in for the announcements and schedule updates.

9:00–12:00 Morning Activities and Workshops — Students choose their activities and workshops.

12:00–12:30 Student Forum

12:45–1:30 Lunch — Choose from a selection of Canyon Ranch-designed entrees, the salad bar or sandwiches. Don’t miss the latest creations from Canyon Ranch Chef Scott Uhlein and our famous chocolate-chip cookies.

1:30–3:30 Afternoon Activities and Workshops — Continue with your personalized schedule of activities, classes and workshops.

3:45 Day Students Depart — Day students can extend their day either to include the second activities period or through dinner and the evening program (additional cost).

3:30–4:30 Late Afternoon Activities Period — Take advantage of Personal Services or head back to the dorm and relax.

5:30 Evening Forum and Dinner — Before dinner we’ll update you on the evening’s schedule. Dinner menus feature a daily selection of Canyon Ranch entrees (including vegetarian) made with the freshest, healthiest ingredients.

Evening Activities

Every evening you’ll enjoy organized activities including bowling, trips to the mall, bookstore and coffee houses, 4th of July fireworks, outdoor fairs, concerts, dances, video nights, karaoke, and special guest speakers.

Weekend Trips

Two trips are offered each Saturday. You chose the one you want. We leave on air-conditioned motor coaches after breakfast and return in the evening. Click here for this summer’s schedule, subject to change: Weekend Trips and Destinations.