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Ultimate Tennis and Golf

Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs

An All-Around Program for Winning Performance

  • Only at Julian Krinsky/Canyon Ranch
  • Bryn Mawr College
  • Residential and Day
  • Ages 13–17

If you love tennis or golf, then you know what it takes to play at the top of your game: A total fitness program, great coaching and more. Having the right foods on your training table. Selecting the right equipment. Taking the right approach to competing. And of course, having mechanically sound, well-grooved strokes at your command. In other words, it takes an enthusiastic player with the support of a great team.

A Perfect Summer Experience for Teens Who Love Tennis or Golf

A breakthrough program for players on every level of ability, our comprehensive approach combines instruction from the world-renowned Julian Krinsky Schools of Tennis and Golf with Canyon Ranch expertise in personal training for fitness, injury prevention and nutrition, as well as consultation on every aspect of the games.

You’ll benefit from instruction, training and match play. Tennis students play every morning, rain or shine. Golf students choose either the Monday-Wednesday-Friday or Tuesday-Thursday program.


The Ultimate Tennis Curriculum
Morning Tennis Instruction (9:0012:00)
  • On-court Lessons
  • Training
  • Match Play
  • Stroke Drills
  • Footwork Drills
  • Videotape Analysis and Feedback

  • Afternoon Activities and Personal Services (1:303:30)
    Choose from the huge selection of personal services and fitness classes listed below.

The Ultimate Golf Curriculum
Golf Instruction (MWF or TTH, 9:003:30)
  • Fundamentals
  • Back Swing
  • Forward Swing
  • Follow-Through
  • Ball-Flight Laws
  • Long Game
  • Short Game
  • Golf Psychology
  • Course Management
  • Video Analysis

Alternate Days (MWF or TTH, 9:00–3:30)
We’ll help you select a daily program from the personal services and fitness classes listed below.

Personal Services and Fitness Classes
  • Tennis or Golf Conditioning
  • Sports Psychology
  • Sports Nutrition

  • Nutrition One-on-One
  • Exercise Physiology One-on-One

  • Personal Training
  • Sports Massage
  • Meditation
  • Hands-On Cooking

  • Supermarket Smarts
  • Top Speed
  • Stride & Strength
  • Strength Circuit
  • Body Bar
  • Plyometric Pump
  • Cardio Circuit
  • Completely Core
  • Boot Camp

  • Injury Prevention
  • Footwear Analysis
  • Fit for Life
  • Tao of Stress
  • Chi Gong