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The Julian Krinsky Creative & Performing Arts Camp is a unique place where talented people — campers and counselors alike — spend fun-filled summer days exploring the rich traditions, techniques and expressive opportunities of the classic art forms.

Each camp session is structured around a stylistic theme based on a historic era, a culture, an exceptional artist or arts genre, or other subjects. The theme becomes the focus of all the campers’ work, culminating in a full stage production showcasing those efforts on the final Friday of the session. Parents, family and friends invited!

Fun for everyone, the show displays the campers’ visual art skills in the stage sets; their theater, dance and music abilities in the performances; and their writing, production and other talents in the behind-the-scenes work of "putting on a show." Everyone gets to participate by doing the things they do best.

For future stars and first-time artists alike.
The Julian Krinsky Creative & Performing Arts Camp offers boys and girls between the ages of 7 and 14 professional instruction in their choice of an arts major. Instruction is geared to the skills and developmental level of each camper’s age group. Whether your child wants to try the arts for the first time or improve his or her interpretive and technical skills, our instructional staff can help achieve those goals. At the same time, your child will be building self-confidence and maturity — positive qualities that will carry over and help him or her in all areas of life.

Four majors for a summer of artistic growth.
Campers choose a major and try lots of elective workshops, too. Here’s an overview of the 2004 Creative & Performing Arts majors:

FINE ARTS — Going beyond elementary "arts and crafts," this is artwork that challenges young people to think and create from their imagination. Our projects are multi-dimensional and highly personal. The process is hands-on, involved and exuberant, with an end result that leaves campers feeling distinctly proud and self-confident. Various media are used, including ceramics, sculpture, environmental art, painting and drawing.
THEATER— Acting and performance art are the basis of this major, which teaches each student to use his or her imagination, body and voice to bring characters to life on stage. Trained theater professionals teach improvisation, movement and characterization, as well as story development and script writing.
DANCE — Every young person has a natural ability and inclination to dance. The dance major develops this inherent talent by teaching creative dance techniques inspired by the dances and music of various cultures. Hip-hop, tap, musical theater, jazz and modern dance arts are joined in a program that emphasizes fun while drawing on each child’s special aptitude.
MUSIC — Different types of modern music are studied to help campers appreciate the fundamentals of musical composition and performance. Creative instruction in vocal music is used to develop melodic, rhythmic, singing and performing skills.

Talented professional arts instructors make it fun
Our camp features career educators who have devoted their professional lives to the educational, emotional and social development of children in schools and camps. The senior instructors are full-time teachers from the Delaware Valley’s finest schools and colleges.

In every case, our professional staff makes learning fun — a key reason, we believe, why Julian Krinsky Creative & Performing Arts campers advance so quickly. While combining innovative approaches to learning with solid instruction in fundamental skills, we are dedicated to making your child’s camp experience successful, memorable and happy.

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