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Exciting Activities and Supervised Fun for Ages 4–6

Exploration Camp is designed to give young boys and girls an enjoyable, well-rounded camp experience, along with exposure to a range of activities that excite the imagination and develop new skills and interests.

Exclusively for children 4, 5 and 6 years old, the camp offers an entertaining mix of sports, creative arts, swimming and more. Explorers enjoy a daily curriculum designed for their age group and skill level. It includes instruction and play in soccer, tennis, golf, basketball, T-ball, and our exciting ropes course. Explorers also have two periods each day of art, music, drama or science. Swim lessons and recreational swimming round out the program.

The daily program alternates periods of vigorous sports and play with moderate indoor activities in comfortable air-conditioned facilities. Planned breaks for snacks and lunch are also an important part of each Explorer’s day of learning and fun.

Specially Staffed to Care for Young Campers

Our Exploration Camp staff includes carefully screened and qualified elementary school teachers, sports instructors and group counselors who excel in the friendly, caring supervision of young campers. While maintaining continuous guidance, our counselors actively help each Explorer make friends and feel at home during the daily activities. In every case our instructors and counselors make learning fun.

9:00–9:10 Lineup
9:15–9:25 Group Activity
9:30–10:05 Instructional and Recreational Swim
10:10–10:25 Snack
10:30–11:05 Morning Sport
11:10–11:45 Morning Art
11:50–12:25 Lunch
12:30–1:05 Free Swim
1:10–1:45 Afternoon Art
1:50–2:05 Snack
2:10–2:45 Afternoon Sport
2:50–3:25 Tournaments, Sports or Awards
3:30–3:45 Lineup and Dismissal