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Super Sports

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Super Sports

An All-Sports Camp for Ages 7–14

Super Sports Camp provides age- and skill-specific training in 14 popular sports. Whether a camper is picking up a tennis racquet for the first time, working to improve his or her outside jump shot, or trying to make the school softball team, we’ll provide the appropriate instruction and coaching.

Campers choose one, two or three sports per weekly session. They may switch sports at the end of the first week, if staying for additional sessions.

Baseball/Softball —Pitching, hitting, catching, fielding, base running and team play.

Basketball — Dribbling, shooting, ball handling, passing and rebounding; also offensive and defensive formations and plays.

Tennis — Ground strokes, volleys, serve and return of serve, approach shots and overheads; also singles and doubles strategies.

Golf — Stroke fundamentals for all clubs and shotmaking situations; approaches to course management and competing effectively.

Squash — Improve your racquet sport skills while playing this increasingly popular international game. Learn or practice the basics, along with drives, lobs and specialty shots.

Volleyball — Serving, receiving serve, passing, setting and spiking; also blocks and defensive plays, as well as formations, rotations and teamwork.

Ropes Challenge Course — Campers work together to scale our 20' High Wall, climb on a Fidget Ladder, cross a Tire Traverse, and negotiate the Spider’s Web and the Acid River.

Soccer — Dribbling, passing, collecting the ball and shooting. Campers play in small-sided teams for maximum participation, as well as World Cup-format competition.

Field Hockey — Individual and team instruction in offensive and defensive techniques and tactical strategies; also specialized goalkeeping instruction.

Lacrosse — For girls only. Stick-handling, passing, going to the goal, scoring, and overall strategy.

Swimming — Recreational swimming for all ages, and a learn-to-swim program for beginners, ages 7 and 8.

Inline Skating — Instruction stresses confidence and safety while concentrating on basic skills of striding, stopping and turning.

Skateboarding — For beginning to experienced skateboarders, our program teaches everything from basic skating, balance and steering to ollies, drop-ins and rail slides. A low skater-to-instructor ratio provides the individualized attention students need to safely develop solid skills and cool stunts.

9:00–9:10 Lineup
9:15–10:15 Sport #1
10:20–11:20 Sport #2
11:25–12:25 Sport #3
12:30–1:00 Lunch
1:05–1:15 Lineup
1:20–2:20 Competition #1
2:25–3:25 Competition #2
3:30–3:45 Lineup & Dismissal