International Residential Counseling Staff

You have chosen to spend your summer with one of the finest programs in the country. We trust that your summer with us will be all you expected and more. As a residential counselor you are the key to our campers recreational and mentor needs, this is central to the success of our program. Now that you have an offer of employment, we will need to obtain the proper documentation to complete the process. Please ensure that all documentation is completed accurately and returned expediently. All the information that is supplied is aimed at preparing you for your summer stay. Please read through this documentation carefully as it is critical to your successful employment with us. Please make copies of all your documentation. Always keep your originals!

Below is a check list of all the requirements you will need to complete to be eligible for employment. Fill in the forms and read some additional information by clicking on any list item below. You will be able to fill in some of the forms online while some others are in printable format for you to print, fill in and mail to the address specified. Please take your time and ensure that you cover every topic on the checklist. The checklist is ordered in terms of priority.

International Residential Counseling Staff Checklist

Printable copy of this Staff Checklist

Two confidential References

Contract & Pay Scales

J1 Direct Visa Placement


Police Clearance (Background Check)

Copy of your driver's license

Driver Information

I-9 Form

W-4 Form

Any Additional Certifications

Emergency Contact Information

The Personal Pledge

Counselor Manual

Staff Skills Information

Arrival & Departure


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