J1 Visa Application Document

In order to enter the United States and work while you are here as a camp counselor you must obtain a J1-Visa from the US government. This is a lengthily process. You start by please printing and completing all the requirements of the attached PDF document.

You then need to mail this completed form with the correct size photograph back to Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs at: 610 South Henderson Rd, King of Prussia, PA 19406, USA.

Once we have received your Visa application we will process your form and photo, and mail you a DS-2019 form which is an official government form. It is vital that you treat your DS-2019 with the same sense of priority that you treat your passport. When you take your DS-2019 for your visa interview the consulate will staple the DS-2019 into your passport when they place your visa in your passport.

When you leave the United States of America you will need to return your DS-2019 to the United States Government. By doing so you remain in good standing with the United States Government should you ever wish to return.

J1-Visa Application document

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