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Take Your Game to the Next Level!

This is a safe, fun and challenging program of hands-on contact football. It features instruction and drills to develop speed, agility and coordination. You'll learn position-specific skills and techniques for play on both sides of the ball. We'll look at all aspects of the game to give you a solid foundation in the following areas:

  • Offensive and defensive techniques
  • Passing skills
  • Blocking and tackling skills
  • Run, pass and option plays
  • Defensive formations
  • Pass catching and coverage skills
  • Special-teams play

You'll Be Learning From the Pros

SoulPhiladelphia Soul professional coaches and players teach each camp. They'll emphasize teamwork and self-confidence, while showing you the essential football skills that have taken them to the highest levels of the game. In addition, Soul president Ron Jaworski will visit each camp.