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A Separate Residential Counseling Staff Specializing in You. Our teaching pros specialize in improving your golf game. Thatís all they do, so they can do it best. Similarly, for residential campers we maintain a separate counseling staff that specializes in making your stay memorable and happy. The staff directors and head counselors are experienced in camping and working with young people. Our resident counselors are college juniors, seniors and recent graduates. The counseling staff is responsible for all social aspects of camp life, including entertainment, group activities and supervision. A low camper-to- counselor ratio ensures each camper is well cared for at all times.

Junior and Senior Residential Camps for Same-Age Groups.
On the golf course, campers are divided into groups according to playing ability. Off the course they reside in junior and senior camps.

Junior Camp at Cabrini College is for campers entering grades 5 through 8. Junior campers benefit from close supervision, earlier bedtimes, and age-appropriate evening activities.

Senior Camp at Haverford College allows campers entering grades 9 through 12 to enjoy a greater degree of personal responsibility and a wide range of activities appropriate for their age group.

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