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A Comprehensive Approach for Every Part of Your Game

Whether you’re just starting or want to seriously improve your level of play, the proven Julian Krinsky method can help you compete and win at the great game of golf.

The Complete Swing — Are you looking for a more consistent game and greater distance from your woods and long irons? Sure you are! After a thorough pre-swing and in-swing evaluation, our professionals work with you on the fundamentals of the swing.

Scoring Shots — These are the shots from 100 yards in that can turn an average round into a great one. We work on your approach, pitching, chipping, bunker play, bump-and-run, and flop shots.

Putting — Drive for show, putt for dough. We’ll show you how, as we work on the three key elements of putting: stroke, line and speed.

Course Management — You’re132 yards out with an uphill shot, bunkers guarding the front of the green and a pond behind it. What’s your best shot? Our professionals will help you analyze and solve situations like this, based on the level of your game.

Rules and Etiquette — You’ve just hit into a lateral water hazard. Do you know what your options for relief are? Our professionals do, and they’ll make sure you have a good understanding of the rules of golf.

Tournament Play — Every Friday it’s time to tee it up for our Weekly Championship! After a solid week of working on your game and playing 9 to 15 holes daily, you’ll have a chance to use your new skills in an 18-hole tournament.

Compare Your Swing to the Best in the World

V1The Julian Krinsky School of Golf uses state-of-the-art video analysis to improve your strokes and technique. Your complete golf game — from driving to putting — will be recorded at our indoor analysis center by a qualified teaching pro. You’ll get to compare your swing to your favorite golfer’s, check the flight and trajectory of your ball, and track your progress during camp. You’ll also receive a copy on DVD or online to use at home.

Junior and Senior Residential Camps for Same-Age Groups

Julian Krinsky School of Golf Summer Programs are based at Haverford College and Cabrini College on Philadelphia’s Main Line. On the golf course, students are divided into groups according to playing ability. After golf, residential students reside in junior and senior camps.

The Junior Residential Program at Cabrini College is for students entering grades 5 through 8. Juniors benefit from close supervision, earlier bedtimes and age-appropriate evening activities.

The Senior Residential Program at Haverford College is for students entering grades 9 through 12. Seniors enjoy a greater degree of personal responsibility and a wide range of activities appropriate for their age group.

Beautiful Main Line Settings

Haverford College is one of the nation’s top liberal arts schools. Cabrini College is a private college founded in 1957. Only minutes apart, they occupy beautiful wooded campuses a half-hour from Center City and approximately two hours from New York City and Washington, D.C.

Practices and golf lessons are conducted on 15 golf courses and seven driving ranges, most covered for all-weather use.

Tournament Players Division

Want to play a challenging variety of championship courses, improve your playing ability and make new friends? If you have a 15 handicap or better, the Tournament Players Division is for you!

The Julian Krinsky Tournament Players Division lets you experience the life of a professional golfer. Each week is devoted to three days of instruction and practice and two days of tournament-style play.

On practice days, you’ll work with your instructors on the driving range and benefit from in-depth professional instruction — including advanced video swing analysis — in these essential areas:

  • Fundamentals
  • Back Swing
  • Forward Swing
  • Follow-through
  • Ball flight laws
  • Long game
  • Short game
  • Course management
  • Golf psychology

On playing days, we’ll play 18 holes in championship formats and conditions at nearby exclusive golf clubs. Ready to tee it up for a big-time challenge and learning opportunity? This is it: the Julian Krinsky Tournament Players Division.