One of the things we’ve learned about kids is that they know what they want to do — and what they don’t. That’s why we’ve developed a program that gives you the greatest degree of scheduling flexibility. So you can focus on the areas that are most interesting to you. Or try new things. Or do both.

Here’s how it works. Mornings are devoted to classes, from 9:00 to 12:00, Monday through Friday. You can schedule your course time in any of the following ways:

Concentrated programs that meet for 3 hours per day, two or three days a week — either Monday, Wednesday and Friday, or Tuesday and Thursday.

Ninety-minute workshops meet two or three days per week and let you sample the greatest variety of subjects. A full schedule consists of either four Discovery Workshops or a combination of one Focus Track and two Workshops.

Four Workshops
A full Discovery Track schedule includes two MWF Workshops (classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and two TTh Workshops (classes on Tuesday and Thursday).

One Focus Track and Two Workshops
Focus Tracks and Workshops must be scheduled on alternate days, for example, a Focus Track meeting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and two Workshops meeting on Tuesday and Thursday.

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