Focus Tracks meet from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., either Monday, Wednesday and Friday (MWF), or Tuesday and Thursday (TTh).

For a full week’s schedule, you can select either two Focus Tracks on alternate days, or one Focus Track and two Discovery Track Workshops. In this case, the Focus Track and the Workshops must be on alternate days.

In some cases, we offer a Focus Track and a Discovery Workshop on the same subject, for example, computers. How do you decide between them?

Focus Tracks provide the opportunity to study a subject in greater detail than the corresponding Discovery Track Workshop. The difference is in the time available. Each week, Focus Tracks provide 6 or 9 hours of class time per subject. Discovery Tracks provide 3 or 4 1/2 hours. If you have any question about which is right for you, please call us.

Focus Tracks will differ for the two-week and three-week sessions. Classes in the two-week session will be project oriented, so that each day students accomplish a clearly defined task. Classes in the three-week session will be process oriented, in the sense that students will work toward a final project or larger production. The descriptions below are of the three-week courses, but the flavor of the two-week courses can be inferred.Similarly, classes may vary from the descripdescriptions below based on the makeup of the class and the desire and interests of the students.

If your interests are Java, Web design, HTML/XML, streaming video, photo imaging, and the latest hardware and peripherals, join us. For everyone from newbies to power-users, this class will provide the opportunity to develop strong computer skills.

You'll start with computer design and the actual construction of a computer. We continue with fine-tuning the operating system, installing and managing software applications, protecting against viruses, exploring Java script, understanding the power of networking, trying your hand at Web page design and exploring the vast cyber-terrain of the Internet.

Our ultimate goal is to make you more knowledgeable about, and comfortable with, all aspects of computer operations. This greater knowledge will be an important asset to you in our increasingly technological and computer-based information age.  
Always wanted to know how to prepare a tasty risotto or tempting fruit coulis? If you don’t know your guacamole from wasabe — but would like to! — this is the Focus Track for you. For the beginner to intermediate cook, our Cooking Focus Track is the perfect opportunity to work on kitchen basics and fundamental culinary knowledge while learning to prepare a variety of fresh, unpretentious modern dishes.

Here we will allow you to work hands-on to develop your food prep and presentation abilities. Classes will cover kitchen safety and hygiene, knife techniques, use of herbs, oils and seasonings, the history and tradition of many of the ingredients used in our dishes, and — of course — the recipes themselves.

If you love sampling new foods and want to learn to whip up a delicious variety of new appetizers, entrees and desserts, this is the perfect program for you, the seriously interested but still "unseasoned" cook.

Not sure whether to take cooking as a Focus or Discovery Track? Call our Culinary Director, Tina Krinsky, and she'll help you find the right level of commitment. But most of all, sign up early, because our cooking programs are always SRO.
Take your tennis game to the next level! Sign up for the Tennis Focus Track and you’ll work with coaches from the world- renowned Julian Krinsky School of Tennis.

Time on the tennis courts is divided between instruction and competitive play. Beginner players will work on developing basic skills and learning new strokes. More advanced players will focus on skill refinement, practice and match play — with the ultimate goal of developing consistent, well rounded players.

The tennis track is designed to be enjoyable yet challenging for players of all levels. It features a low player-to-coach ratio so that each camper receives individualized attention and instruction.
At some point, every enthusiastic movie-goer and TV fan wants to get behind the camera. For all of you, we offer Videography, the track that makes you the filmmaker.

Try your hand at direction, set design, costuming, production, editing and script writing. Design a television advertisement, script a real-life drama, choreograph a music video or direct a documentary. Our Videography track gives you the chance to explore all aspects of the art. You’ll learn how to set up lighting and use the camera’s eye to create dramatic effects. Become comfortable with editing techniques and realize the artistic flexibility that the "out of the camera" process gives you. Working with your experienced instructors’ help and guidance, you’ll design the layout, scout the location and write the script for a dramatic production. Produce and direct your own videos and cast your friends, classmates and yourself in the films you create.

Combine this track with the Art of the Silver Screen and see where your imagination leads.
Do you love to tell your friends all about a new movie you’ve just seen? If you like sitting back on the couch and watching movies, then we’ll pop the popcorn and join you. We’ll look at current Hollywood movies just released on video and figure out what makes them so popular. Is it the story, the actors, the marketing, the scenery — or the right combination of everything? You’ll get your chance to describe what you think is cool about a particular movie or scene and see if others in the group feel the same way.

We’ll also probe further, looking at the movie’s "message" and deciding how we feel about it. Or we may play Armchair Director and talk about how we’d change the movie. Share your thoughts with us as we watch movies that people are talking about.
With a camera in your hand, you have the ability to share your vision of people and the world. Your photograph can document forever emotions like the joy in your best friend’s smile, or their disappointment as a game ends in a narrow defeat. Moments like these are fleeting, so a photographer must react instinctively to capture them. That instinctive "click" — with professional skills behind it — is the focus of this track.

All you’ll need is a 35mm camera (bring your own or use one of ours) and the desire to learn about a technical art form. We’ll begin with an overview of camera parts, lenses, functions and maintenance. Then we’ll look at basic concepts like controlling exposure through aperture and shutter-speed settings. You’ll learn how to choose the right film for your project and when to use B+W, color Tungsten, daylight-balanced and infra-red emulsions. Then we’ll move into the "digital darkroom," to work on manipulating images with Photoshop® software, often with surprising results.

The course will be an interesting, fast-paced mix of classroom instruction and multiple field trips. Your professional instructors will show you how to compose and develop pictures, light special subjects, and incorporate other techniques such as stop action and depth of field.
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