Our Cooking Track offers you the opportunity to develop discerning taste buds, a critical appreciation of food and the ability to cook up some wonderful delights. Read on and whet your appetite — if you love food, you’ll love this program!

Ask yourself this: Have you ever dreamed of being a chef on PBS or the Food Network? Maybe even the next culinary boy wonder? Can you see yourself rating restaurants for the Zagat Guide? Ever thought about owning an upscale eatery or catering company to the stars?

If you answered yes to any one of these questions, then you need to sign up for the Cooking Track! Here’s a look at what’s on our menu — just a few of the simple, delicious recipes you’ll actually prepare:

• Mambo Fruit Salad with Lime-Mint Vinaigrette
• Five Star Wild Mushroom Risotto
• Chinese Chicken Stir Fry
• Seven Vegetable Couscous with Harissa, a North African Hot Sauce
• Desserts! Including Espresso Gelato, Mango Sorbet Beignets, and Citrus Poached Pears


Tina Krinsky, Julian’s wife, is our Cooking Track Director. An experienced gourmet chef, Tina combines her passion for cooking with an easy-going style to impart a lasting enthusiasm for the art of food. She will be joined by six teaching chefs with truly amazing backgrounds, including running college-level culinary programs and cooking for some of Philadelphia’s finest restaurants. They’ll bring a wealth of culinary knowledge and kitchen expertise found in only the most accomplished professional chefs. Best of all, they will be working on an individual basis with you.

Tina’s Cooking Track provides essential hands-on experience while teaching you to prepare a variety of foolproof recipes for fresh, unpretentious modern food. You’ll finish the program knowing lots of new dishes that combine bold flavors with the freshest ingredients.

After a brief introduction to basic concepts and skills such as safety, knife handling and kitchen protocol, you’ll learn about the availability, origins, presentation and culture of various foods. The program is designed to be progressive, adding daily to your repertoire of gastronomic techniques and skills, until culminating on the last day in our Celebration Banquet.


Every morning students meet in our air-conditioned theater-style demonstration area with large overhead mirror to discuss the day’s ingredients and what’s on the menu. Next, our chefs perform a full demonstration, showing you exactly how to prepare the dishes, and the keys to their success. Then it’s your turn.

You and your fellow chefs-in-training will work four to a station, doing hands-on preparation. Your first step? Mise en place — the preparation of the ingredients, equipment and materials. While you’re cooking, the teaching chefs will be moving from station to station giving individual attention and instruction. Completed dishes are presented for a daily "turnout" that is judged per station.

In addition, each session we’ll visit some of Philadelphia's many acclaimed restaurants, markets and hotel kitchens, including the famous award-winning Rittenhouse Hotel’s restaurant, food service and banquet operation. You’ll see what happens in the finest and most avant-garde kitchens, and have a chance to talk to working chefs about their methods, recipes and passion for superb food.


The final week will be devoted to the preparation of our fabulous Celebration Banquet. We'll incorporate everything we’ve learned during the program and prepare a splendid mouth-watering feast. It will be "food for thought" as you plan which tantalizing dishes to offer. Should you do an Italian theme, or mix it up with international flair? Maybe a "dim sum" of Asian cuisines would be better? Or, how about … Well, it's up to you; after all, you're the chef!

Take your food smarts to a new level this summer and become a magician in the kitchen. Stand back, Bobby Flay — the stars of the future are being made in the Julian Krinsky Cooking Track!


The 2-week session will emphasize the completion of individual menus on a daily basis. Fast-paced and fun, the course will introduce you to new recipes by today’s hottest chefs. We’ll prepare a variety of tantalizing foods, including new variations on regional American cuisine and our signature simple, delicious recipes combining bold flavors with fresh ingredients. The menus won’t be duplicated, so come to both the 2-week and 3-week programs and learn all the new dishes!


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