Life at Senior Academic Enrichment Camp is fun and filled with activity. Mornings are devoted to your chosen classes, while afternoons are a mix of recreation, enrichment workshops, off- campus trips and sports. There’s always something interesting to do! Here’s a typical day:

7:45 A.M. – Residential Camper Wake-up
You get your own single dorm room on campus, and your counselor stays on the same floor with you.

A funky way to start your day. Hear a joke, an important announcement or see somebody doing something unexpected as the whole group quickly touches base.

8:30 – Breakfast
Meals are served cafeteria-style in the Dining Center. There are lots of choices and great things to eat, ranging from cereal, bagels, daily baked breads, fruit and yogurt to hot breakfasts with pancakes, eggs, breakfast meats and potatoes.

8:45 – Day Campers Arrive
Our location on Philadelphia’s suburban Main Line makes it practical for local teens to attend as day campers. They check in at the Dining Center, listen to the announcements and sign up for the next day’s afternoon activities.

9:00 – Morning Classes
We go our separate ways, according to our class choices. Art and photography students work at creating new masterpieces. Business students gather for seminars, guest speakers and field trips. Cooking students start preparing the recipe du jour. Drama students get into character for their rehearsals, and Music students tune up for lessons and jam sessions. Meanwhile, Focus and Discovery Track students follow their personal schedules of multiple classes and workshops.

Noon – Lunch
Lunch is available right after the last morning class. Meet friends and enjoy a variety of selections, including a deli sandwich and salad bar, hot and vegetarian meals, numerous drinks and a tempting dessert table.

Afternoons feature two periods giving campers a wide choice of activities in four categories: Recreation, Off-Campus Trips, Enrichment, and Sports. Campers sign up for the activities on the previous day.

1:30 P.M. – First Afternoon Activities Period
Each day you choose from a list of about 20 activities scheduled for the next day. We offer a lot of choices, as shown above; but they’re not ALL available every day.

3:30 – Second Afternoon Activities Period
Don’t forget about the Hang Time option!

3:45 – Day Campers Depart
Day campers ordinarily leave at 3:45, but they have the option of extending their day to the end of the second activities period, or through dinner and the evening program (additional cost).

5:15 – Evening Lineup Get the lowdown on what’s happening for the evening.

5:30 – DINNER
We’re talking pasta, lasagna, pizza, turkey, chicken, beef, fish, vegetarian entrée, hotdogs, hamburgers, tacos and burritos. Lastly, don’t forget about the full salad bar and delicious dessert table.

6:30 – Evening activities and off-campus trips

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