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Senior Enrichment Art Track

Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs

Awaken your creative instincts this summer! Let the Art Track heighten your senses and show you new and exciting ways of expressing yourself. Have you ever wanted to color a canvas with your truest emotions, or create a self-portrait that expressed the real you? Worried that your ambition was greater than your technical ability? Then this is the track for you.

With the encouragement, expertise and guidance of our talented staff, you’ll go beyond the basics of drawing and painting to discover your own personal artistic vision and expand your creativity.

The Art Track will focus on the exciting art and artists of the 20th and — now — 21st centuries. What is “modern” art, and does that also describe today’s trends? Who’s doing important work in London, Los Angeles, Latin America and New York? What are the emerging motifs and styles? We’ve gone there to find out, so come and let us share our discoveries with you.

Developing Artistic Vision

We’ll begin with the fundamental concept of seeing the world through art — perhaps the single most important step in developing your artistic vision. You’ll learn to look through the eyes of the artist in order to perceive and capture beauty in all its many forms. How do we do that? By focusing on line, contour, value, texture, composition and presentation. Emphasis will be placed on the basics of abstraction as an art modality in itself and how it is the basis for representational painting. Does that sound great? We can’t wait to get started!

Our classes will include discussion and example, but the emphasis will be on doing and creating. First we’ll sketch and draw, using pencil, ink, felt-tip pens and charcoal. Then we’ll introduce color — painting and working on different techniques with pastels, watercolor and acrylics. At the same time, we’ll examine the great accomplishments of the Moderns — retracing their breakthroughs in drawing, painting and pure imagination.

Finally, you’ll begin your major opus, a large work — literally, a canvas as big as yourself.

Exceptional Resources and Exhibits — Including Your Own!

On the last day of class — an exhibit! The Final Art Show. Open to family, friends and fellow campers. With an entire wall dedicated to your work. You’ll design and help install the exhibition to show your collection in the best light, according to the presentation techniques you’ve seen and learned.

The Art Track combines expert instruction, exhilarating studio work and exciting field trips. Philadelphia is bursting with art resources awaiting your discovery. Paint the gardens at Chanticleer! Visit the renowned Philadelphia Museum of Art, the extraordinary Barnes Foundation with its collection of early modern art, or the Woodmere Art Museum. Work on observational studies, including still life and the figure. All equipment is provided — including drawing supplies, sketch books, watercolor and acrylic paints, canvas and brushes.

Come with a willingness to let go and you’ll find how deeply rooted in art you can become.

About the 1-Week Curriculum

The 1-week session will emphasize work on a range of specific projects designed to develop and improve particular art skills, for example, perspective or expressive use of color. Each camper will have the opportunity to work in a variety of media, including pen, ink, charcoal, conte crayon, watercolor, and acrylic. This session will feature a lecture and demonstration by a guest artist, or a field trip either to an art museum or to paint at Chanticleer Gardens. The final day of the session will be devoted to a class exhibit reviewed by a prominent local artist, who will award prizes recognizing outstanding achievements in artistic self-expression.