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Senior Enrichment Business Track

Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs

Do you have entrepreneurial instincts, follow the stock market, or want to know more about the world of business and finance? Then you’ll want to invest some time this summer in our Business Track.

Now in its tenth year, the program has grown in depth and scope through repeated successful offerings at Haverford College and other locations. It currently features a broad curriculum of learning and experience to help shape the business leaders of tomorrow. Our Business Track graduates have gone on to join family businesses, work in major corporations, and create successful startups of their own.

A Profitable Education in All Aspects of Business

Based on the interests of our motivated, business-minded students, the Business Track is structured to help you understand the practical aspects of business in daily life and develop the skills needed to pursue entrepreneurial dreams. The curriculum reflects our belief that business fundamentals are taught best using a combination of classroom presentations and experiential learning.

There are six main areas of study: Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Investing, Sports Management, Accounting, and Leadership and Ethics. Each is explored through a stimulating multifaceted approach that includes speakers, group activities, games, competitions, field trips and student projects. Best of all, you’ll prepare a business plan or marketing presentation for a company or product of your choice, using everything you’ve learned in the program.

Take your business acumen to a new level this summer. Move over, Donald Trump. The tycoons of the future are on the fast-track at the Julian Krinsky Business Track!

Experienced Faculty and Real-World Access

The Business Track is taught by college and business school professors, and instructors drawn from the professional ranks. Our faculty has the breadth of experience and knowledge to make the basics of business clear and meaningful. Beyond that, they can guide you through complex subjects such as business financing, the technological challenges facing business today, and how to orient yourself for college admission or a career as an entrepreneur or executive.

The program is solidly rooted in today’s business environment and practice. Days usually begin with a discussion of The Wall Street Journal’s top stories and an analysis of strategies and financial considerations behind business leaders’ decision-making. Classroom sessions are complemented by field trips to major area businesses and talks by top business leaders in Philadelphia.

A Hands-on Approach to Business Learning

Entrepreneurship — This is an exciting introduction to business creation, ownership and management. Working in small groups, students will be challenged to create a vision for their business, and to develop and present a plan to make it succeed. In addition to fully engaging them on an intellectual and imaginative level, the project helps students assess whether they have the entrepreneurial drive necessary to blaze a new trail in the business world.

Marketing — A key component in any successful venture, marketing requires imagination, creativity and drive. Students will gain first-hand experience in the exciting process of conceiving and implementing a marketing campaign. Student teams will generate ideas in the initial brainstorming stage, then take them through preliminary sketches and storyboards to create a compelling multimedia presentation.

Accounting — The financials are the heart of any business plan — so, how do you read them and what do they mean? Frequently taught by our own in-house chartered accountant extraordinaire, Julian Krinsky, this section breathes life into balance sheets and income statements. Students will also learn how to prepare a tax return and balance a checkbook.

Investing — Designed by investment professionals, the module teaches the skills involved in creating and managing a diversified portfolio in bear and bull markets alike. Students will learn to make informed decisions by understanding market basics, approaches to profitable investing, and various investment options including hedge funds and socially responsible funds.

Sports Management — Do you think it would be fun to be the next Drew Rosenhaus or Theo Epstein? There’s more to representing athletes than just holding out for big contracts, and more to running a team than just sweating out wins and losses. You'll learn the core concepts of sports management, including salary caps, representation, negotiations, endorsements, financial planning and crisis management. Includes field trips to local sports arenas and talks by local sports agents.

Leadership and Ethics — We embrace a culture of leadership in the community as well as in the business world. Classes will explore the teachings of established leaders and include leadership simulations.