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Senior Enrichment Computer Track

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If you’re interested in web design, Java, Flash, game design, Photoshop and the latest hardware and peripherals — join us! For everyone from novices to power-users, the Computer major provides a hands-on opportunity to develop more sophisticated computer skills and knowledge.

Learn Computers Inside and Out

We’ll start with computer design and the actual construction of a computer. Working as a group, we’ll disassemble and reassemble a PC, identifying each component to understand its functionality and integral role within the system. Then you’ll go online and create your own high-performance fantasy PC, specifying the components and subassemblies you’d use to build the ultimate computing machine.

Next we’ll experiment with fine-tuning the operating system and hardware to make the computer run faster. You’ll get behind the interface to see how Windows works and how you can modify permissions, startup sequences and other protocols. We’ll also work with Linux and discuss the implications of the open-source movement. And we’ll review installing and managing software applications, downloading applications and content safely, and protecting against viruses and spyware.

Using Haverford’s networked computer lab, we’ll examine how PCs communicate over local area networks. You’ll get real-world information technology experience by creating a new network, setting up print servers and creating folders for shared resources.

Website Development and Game Design

Each student will create a personal website on a subject of their choice using Dreamweaver, the industry-standard WYSIWYG authoring program. Content can be original or sourced from the Web. You’ll work in Photoshop to prepare Web-ready graphics and do other imaging work required for your design, from basic cropping and special effects to creating photomontages and animations. Once your site is complete and debugged, you’ll publish it to a server using Dreamweaver’s FTP capability.

You’ll also learn how to create your own online games. You know from experience that every great game combines imaginative design and state-of-the-art programming. We’ll break the design phase down into core elements — the design document, psychology, character design, game mechanics — to understand the essential “mind-mapping” behind the game. Then we’ll explore Java programming and Flash to develop game elements, the graphics or movies that go into a game. By the time we’re done, you’ll have created an actual playable game.

Essential Topics for Real Computer Literacy

Take the Computer Track to become more knowledgeable about all aspects of personal computing — and more skilled at the ones that interest you most.

  • PC components and assembly
  • Installing software and applications
  • Enhancing Windows operating system performance
  • Virus detection and spyware removal
  • Creating networks and firewalls
  • Internet security
  • Website design and production
  • Game design
  • Photoshop imaging
  • Flash animation
  • Java