Senior Enrichment - Culinary Questionnaire

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WELCOME TO OUR PROGRAM. We have prepared a list of questions for you to answer. Please answer them honestly and without the help of your parents and family. These answers will give us a good understanding your interests and your cooking skills.

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Major Track:
Focus Track:

Session 1
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Day or Overnight:

How often do you eat at a restaurant?
What is your favorite restaurant?
Who is your favorite chef?
Do you spend time in the kitchen?
How much time per week?
What is your favorite recipe?
Do any of your parents cook?
Please comment:
Do any of your grandparents cook?
Please comment:
Who is your biggest inspiration for cooking?
Do you watch the TV Food Network or PBS?
What program?
What is your favorite food?
Have you eaten in another country?
If so, where?
How willing are you to try new foods? (1=very willing)

Do you know what dim sum is?
Have you ever tried Buschetta?
Have you ever read parts of a cookbook?
Which cuisine do you most prefer?

Which do you prefer to prepare?

Any food allergies or dietary restrictions?
Food dislikes?
Have you ever taken a cooking class?

If so, please discuss briefly:
What would you most hope to gain from the culinary school?

We hope that none of these questions have scared you away. We just want to understand and review your cooking experience so that we can make the most of your summer.

For the less serious cooks, we have the focus cooking track. It has all of the aspects of the culinary track, but is geared towards to the beginner to the intermediate cooks. If for any reason yo uare uncomfortable wit hteh track you have chosen, please contact Tina Krinsky at (610) 265-9401. She will be happy to assist you in choosing which program would be most suited to your experience. Many thanks for your time and consideration and we'll see you soon.

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