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Senior Enrichment Magic Track

Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs

New for 2006! Available last session only: July 23–August 12

When you see an amazing trick or illusion, don’t you want to see it again, figure it out, or ask how it’s done? But we all know that a magician never tells — except at our exclusive Tannen’s Magic Major, that is.

If you love magic, sleight of hand, prestidigitation, legerdemain and the conjuring arts, then you must — poof! —make yourself appear at our new Magic Major. This is the course where the world’s top professionals from the famous Tannen’s Magic Store in New York City will share their secret knowledge behind lots of entertaining illusions and mystifying tricks.

The Major meets 3 hours each morning, Monday thru Friday, with Magic Discovery classes offered each afternoon. Learn magic from Tannen’s performers, staff and former students who are prominent in the world of magic. Focusing entirely on the Art of Magic, the Major features a concentrated schedule of lectures and classes given by leading magicians, as well as celebrity performances in close-up and stage shows.

Tannen’s Magic is also available as a Junior Enrichment Focus Track and Discovery Track.

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