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Yesh Shabbat Summer Camp offers concentrated weekly programs in golf, tennis, soccer and basketball. Campers participate in their chosen sport five hours a day, Monday through Friday. Our programs let you focus on one sport, with individualized instruction and competitive play. Each week, a Maccabi-style tournament will let you test your new skills in the heat of competition. Above all, we teach sportsmanship, self-confidence and maturity — positive qualities that will help you in all areas of life.

Each camper chooses the Julian Krinsky School of Tennis, School of Golf, School of Basketball or School of Soccer for either the entire camp session or a minimum one-week term. While we attempt to accommodate all campers, it is to their benefit to remain in a chosen sport for at least one week.

Tennis — Now in its 28th year, the Julian Krinsky School of Tennis provides the same instruction that has made our Haverford College tennis program internationally acclaimed.

Tennis students receive a minimum of five hours on-court instruction and drills daily, rain or shine, including competitive play and half-hour private lessons at no extra charge. For advanced and tournament players, our renowned Advanced Training System (ATS), Progressive Training System (PTS), and Challenge Programs provide more intensive training for tournament-level competition.

Golf — Whether you’re a beginner or advanced golfer, our system of instruction can dramatically improve your level of play. Well-known for our Haverford College program, the Julian Krinsky School of Golf includes a staff of 30 U.S. and International PGA and EGTF qualified teaching professionals. With a low student-to-instructor ratio and a positive motivational atmosphere, the camp offers each student a wonderful opportunity to develop and improve his or her golf skills.

Golf students spend up to five hours each day in a balanced program of instruction, practice and play on five courses and two driving ranges. Matched foursomes, each with their own pro, play between nine and 15 holes daily in stroke and match-play formats. In addition, once a week we tee it up for a complete 18-hole tournament.

Basketball — Directed by high school, college and Maccabi coaches, our basketball program teaches the skills you need to be a tough competitor on the basketball court. Days are divided between instruction and competition. For the beginner, instruction centers on the fundamentals: dribbling, passing, shooting and general team concepts. Advanced players focus on higher level basketball techniques, conditioning and the mental aspects of the game. Each session, campers compete in a league tournament.

Soccer — Offered only during the second session, our soccer program is geared to improve players’ skills and heighten their passion for the game in a positive learning environment. Directed by Arcadia University head soccer coach Rick Brownell, training sessions progress from drills for individual techniques to games that require decision-making and execution of techniques in match situations, including dynamic, small-sided games and competitive team matches using a World Cup format. Daily flexibility and agility sessions are used to improve running techniques and other areas of physical development.

Creative and Fine Arts

Yesh Shabbat offers its popular creative and fine arts program on a weekly basis. Campers take an art workshop from 9 a.m. to noon, then participate in one of a variety of afternoon activities, chosen the day before.

Going beyond elementary “arts and crafts,” this enjoyable program challenges students to think and create from their imagination. Our projects are multi-dimensional and highly personal. The process is hands-on, involved and energetic, with an end result that leaves students feeling justifiably proud and self confident. Various media are used, including sculpture, environmental art, painting and drawing.

Campers sign up for their afternoon activity on the previous day, choosing from sports, games, crafts, trips and workshops. Designed to offer summer fun for everyone, these usually include yoga, art, tennis, hiking, swimming, basketball, Julian’s Surprise Trip, browsing at the local bookstore and more.