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Live the American Dream

By Grant Griffith, EGTF South Africa, JKCP-DIrector-USA

Following on from the recent articles on working in America comes the perfect opportunity for EGTF professionals to taste the American dream. Read on to find out more about working at the Julian Krinsky School of Golf in America and how you too could enjoy the experience.

News travel fast and I heard the EGTF show was a huge success in London, a very well managed and excellent appearance was projected by the company and congratulations to all involved, the magazine has a very professional look and feel to it in the recent copy I received and it looks as though all the years of hard work are starting to pay off for the company.

The EGTF is certainly making its mark in international golf and professional golf instruction. Julian Krinsky Camps and Programs operates one of the largest camp programs in the USA with over 900 junior golfers taught this summer alone at the Julian Krinsky School of Golf which Grant Griffith, South African representative and EGTF member has recently been appointed director.

This year we employed over 35 golf professionals from all over the world to teach for 3 months during the summer in the USA. The golf camp begins the first week of June and ends the first week of September. Of the 35 golf professionals employed 10 were EGTF qualified and they certainly made their mark this summer. Teaching is primarily done with junior golfers, and from the first day EGTF qualified members were making fantastic progress with their abilities they had learnt on the courses they had attended. Nearly all the EGTF members in their first week alone were promoted to team leader positions where they were responsible for groups of junior golfers, golf professionals and an entire week's agenda and teaching curriculum. EGTF has certainly made its mark on professional golf and golf instruction, EGTF members became leaders and teachers during the summer where golf professionals that had not completed an EGTF diploma course stood in awe of what was being done on a daily basis in terms of teaching ability, skills taught, body language, methods of teaching and junior golf teaching techniques. Many of the golf professionals could not believe how far ahead and advanced EGTF was as compared to other qualifications being offered worldwide, and it was certainly an eye opener as we employ golf professionals from the USA, Australia, UK, South Africa, Germany, and the list goes on.

We are now starting to employ professionals for the 2006 summer, and specifically requesting EGTF qualified members to apply for the positions. Although it is only a 3 month contract, the salaries paid, and experience learnt is invaluable. Golf professionals receive a weekly salary, all meals and accommodation for the entire 3 months, and the only cost to golf professionals is the flight cost to Philadelphia and visa expenses, which is minimal compared to what can be earned during the summer. If you are interested and aged between 20 and 30 years old, applications are now open andy you can send your CV and any other information to Grant at: [email protected]

If you are planning for a position during the summer for 2006, please make sure you are a full member of the EGTF and that your membership is up to date. The opportunities are incredible for any golf teaching professional and hist opportunity is highly recommended. EGTF has certainly made an impact in the USA and our professionalism in the field of golf instruction is being requested by more companies as everyone is beginning to realize we certainly are the leaders in the field of golf instruction.

Course Report – South Africa, Johannesburg, October 2005

We decided to change venues after many successful courses in South Africa to the Maccauvlei Country Club and Conference Facility based in the Vaal triange of Johannesburg.

The golf course, which had undergone a re-design was looking superb, surrounded by one of the largest Oak forests on the one side, a large river creating the boundary on the other side, and a wide variety of bunkers scattered everywhere on the course, certainly took some concentration and test of skill for the game on the first day of playing ability exam.

The diploma course was relatively small with 5 students attending this course, and a fantastic week was had by all. Unfortunately there were two students who did not qualify on the playing ability part of the course, but they will be re-tested in our next coming up on the 14th of November at the same venue.

The first day of the course began on Sunday, with students doubting themselves they would ever be able to make great left handed swings, and after a few hours on the range, sound and word pictures that work extremely well, all 5 of our students were making beautiful left handed swings with excellent studs, tunnel and high hands, with the comment from a local golfer in the afternoon saying 'are these all low handicap left handed golfers you are teaching today' to which we quickly swooped them around and let them begin making right handed swings with a face of astonishment form the onlooker.

The first lessons were a success, with students learning incredible amounts from the 'don't watch alone' video session. By the time the students reached the final day of the course, we could truly see that EGTF teaching techniques were in a class of their own, with very high marks achieved by all students on the course.

It came to the final evening and during our diploma ceremony I had created a power point presentation of pictures captured during the week, from instruction to funny moments. We placed captions and music for all the slides and had all the guys on the course in tears of laughter. A wonderful week had by all and some of the successful students now having the possibility of being able to teach at the prestigious Julian Krinsky School of Golf in Philadelphia next year.

Thank you for a great week, we had great memories and a week full of instruction, learning and fun.

Source: World Golf Pro - Winter 2006