Campus Life

What will it be like?

Different from most summer camps, you'll attend classes and live on a college campus. Whether you are going away from home for the first time or are a seasoned camp veteran, here are some things to expect at JKCP.


Whether you're at our city or suburban campus locations, you'll find them safe and easy to navigate. Most of our classes are in buildings near one another so you can easily walk between them. Depending on your age, we'll walk with you. Plus, we're always around to help you find your way.

What is nearby?

Depending on your campus location, you’ll be living either in the heart of Philadelphia’s University City or in one of its beautiful suburbs. Regardless, you’ll be in a vibrant area with lots to do. See the Destination Philadelphia section for more info.


Just like in college, you'll be living in a single, double, triple or quad room with other JKCP students who are the same age as you. Bathrooms are shared by the other students living on your floor. Boys and girls are separated by floors or wings. You'll be assigned to a counselor who lives near you in the dorm and is there 24/7 if you need anything. Hallways and bathrooms are cleaned by the colleges but, unlike a hotel, keeping your room clean is up to you.

Keys and swipe cards

When you arrive on campus we'll give you your keys and/or swipe card. This is your access to your room, dorm, campus buildings and your meals. So don't lose it!

Dining centers

The food at camp is typical of a college cafeteria. You are given the freedom to make your own choices. Salad, fruit, vegetables, sandwich deli bar and different hot entrees accompany each lunch and dinner. Some campuses also offer a la carte options. Without your parents around, try to squeeze some veggies onto your plate to keep feeling great! Plus, we know students prefer restaurants, so we have designated at least one evening per week for an off-campus meal.


Don't freak out, we can help you! But you'll want to get this done eventually. There are either free or coin-operated laundry machines in the dorms. Or you can use our laundry service and have it done for you.

Free time

Enjoy some time to relax and hang out with your new friends between classes, before dinner and late at night. You might enjoy Wii, soccer, movies, the computer lab, a coffee break or just a quick nap. And remember, you may want to give your parents a call every once in a while. The choice is yours!

Evenings & weekends

Each evening you'll enjoy organized activities, both on and off campus. Casino nights, dance parties, talent shows, and campus olympics are on-campus favorites. Off-campus trips include the movies, concerts, bowling and the famous King of Prussia mall.

Weekend trips

On weekends, we take trips to regional destinations. On Saturdays, we'll leave in the morning and return late evening for a full-day of exploration. On Sundays, students sleep in, have brunch and take a trip to a local attraction in the Philadelphia area.

Keep feeling great

If you don't feel well just let your counselor know and we'll help you get better in no time. Chances are you won't need it, but we have an on-call nurse and are minutes from the hospital. As long as you keep taking any medicine you normally do at home, eat right and get some sleep, you should have nothing to worry about.