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Canyon Ranch: Program Specifics

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Julian Krinsky and Canyon Ranch — Together!

When the best summer program and the world’s most celebrated health resort join forces, something magical is sure to happen. Unlike anything else, Canyon Ranch for Teens is a vacation of discovery, fun, learning and experience in the art of living well.

Our philosophy is all about making positive choices that keep you feeling great. That includes choosing sports and activities to build strength and confidence, while eating irresistible foods that are also great for your body. It’s about learning how to handle challenges, stay in the moment and totally enjoy life’s adventure.

Stay as Long as You Like

We offer a flexible plan of 1- and 2-week sessions to fit every schedule. Try it for a week, stay 2 weeks or more, or — best of all — devote 8 luxurious weeks to a summer experience that could change your life forever.

Discover the World of Good Food!

The Canyon Ranch Executive Chef and on-site nutritionists work closely with Bryn Mawr’s culinary staff to offer what has to be the best camp food in the country. It’s a celebration of food, created by a passionate team with a commitment to nutrition and taste.

Rather than labeling food “healthy” or “unhealthy,” we say that a good diet maintains a balance of all nutrients. Our passion for cooking shows up in the delicious creations you’ll enjoy at every buffet meal and can learn to make yourself in our Hands-On Cooking and Cooking Demo classes. Click here to see our breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.

Campus Life in a Classic Setting

Canyon Ranch for Teens is held on the beautiful campus of Bryn Mawr College, located on Philadelphia’s prestigious Main Line. Bryn Mawr features picture perfect lawns, classic college architecture and exceptional modern facilities.