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Come test your skills in our well-stocked kitchen. During this experience, you will participate in hands-on classes under the guidance of our expert Chef Instructors. They will begin with basic instruction, then move on to specialty and advanced preparations. After taking this step, be ready to master culinary techniques including: knife skills, mise en place and plate presentations. Using farm to table, sustainable and locally sourced foods daily, you will forget about fast foods and will learn about the Slow Food Movement. While it’s not Chopped, you will compete with your peers in our “Almost Famous Chef Competition.”


Make your Pinterest page come to life in our DIY art class. Our crafting coaches will teach you how to repurpose everyday items and turn them into beautiful (and useful) works of art. You will be amazed what you can create with items that you would have never thought to use in an art project before. Give this class a try and you will be ready to open your own Etsy store in no time!


Ever played around with programs like Abelton, Traktor Pro and GarageBand, but need a little guidance to get to the next level? Learn the principles of “turntablism:” scratching, chirping, beat matching, flaring, looping and drumming. You’ll be using the mixer to manipulate the music and mashup songs in no time at all. Along the way, learn about the importance of tempo, song structure and beat-juggling. All of this will lead up to a final performance where you will “get the party started”.

English as a Second Language

Our fun, fast-learning approach to the English language provides activities specially designed to increase your vocabulary, comprehension and ability to communicate. Depending on your level of experience with the language, you will be placed in one of three levels. Our first level of English will focus mostly on basic grammar and vocabulary acquisition. Our second level will focus primarily on conversational skills. Finally, our third level will focus on advanced linguistics, conversational idioms and standardized test prep. When you arrive, our master level instructors will assess your English proficiency and place you in an appropriate level. When you combine this instruction with the American immersion you will experience in your second course of study and extracurriculars, you will make progress this summer that exceeds your expectations. We will give you the skills to speak English more confidently, get you ready to take your Cambridge or TOEFL exam or just help you prepare for an English course in the upcoming school year.


Get ready to illustrate, design and create signature pieces while learning the elements of structure, color and fabric selection. From conceptual design to sewing, you will create pieces such as clutches, pillows, wallets and even complete outfits! You’ll get to explore your inspiration while thinking outside the box. Most of all, you will get to have fun, become a confident designer, and begin an impressive fashion portfolio.


Could you be the next YouTube sensation? You know what good films look like, and the emotions it prompts – but do you know what it takes to bring one to life? This course charts the art and logistics of moviemaking from storyboarding to the big screen, exploring the process as a whole while letting you focus on the area you love most. Test-drive all of the roles necessary to creating a movie including writing, directing, acting and editing. Using high quality yet intuitive equipment, you’ll master the ins and outs of editing, adding audio and visual effects, transitions, music and graphic titles. On Friday, the trailer you’ve worked on all week debuts for all campers to see. If you don’t already have an agent, you’d better get on that.

Hovercraft Engineering

Generally considered to be a masterpiece of modern engineering that can travel over water, ice, snow and marshlands. In this course, you will design and build a series of hovercrafts that range from small models to 6-foot vehicles. Building hovercrafts might be fun, but riding them is a blast.

Intro to App Development

If you have always wanted to create an app, but didn’t know where to start, this course is for you. In this course, you will design and build your own apps. You’ll learn the key design principles and functions of an app platform and walk away with a solid understanding of the fundamentals of app development. This summer, begin your journey to becoming the world’s next app mogul. Will yours be the next app purchased by Google?


Picture this: You are given a problem to solve and the only set of tools (besides your brain, of course) you have will fit inside an old shoebox. Will you be able to use these tools to solve the problem, or will time run out before you’re able to find a solution? These are the kinds of scenarios you will be presented with in our inventioneering lab. With instructor guidance, groups will work through these problems, experiment with their raw materials and use the scientific method to unlock the enigma that the instructor introduces. As you go through this process, you will build critical thinking skills, learn the basic fundamentals of several types of engineering.


The art and science of taking better photos. See the world in a new light – and see your photography skills soar – in our popular photography intensive. Designed to merge all leading contributors to impactful photography, this course carefully covers everything from camera function to theory to practical topics like permission and printing, leading to visual breakthroughs that leave lasting impressions. With a focus on photographing everyday subjects, cultivate the ability to tell an extraordinary story that’s representative of the subject’s essence and your personal style. All levels are welcome in this course, so whether you’re an amateur or a pro photographer in the making, let us help you “develop” (see what we did there?) exceptional photography skills through this unforgettable course. Bring your own camera or use one of ours.


If you have ever been stumped by a Magician before, this is your chance to learn the behind the scenes tips about how to bring magic to life. In this course, our masters of illusion will not only teach you jaw-dropping tricks, but also the performance and public speaking skills to keep your audience captivated. Get ready to wow your friends and family using both magic props and everyday items you can find at home. Our magicians have countless tricks to show you that will leave even your most clever friends stunned and amazed all summer long.


Has anyone ever told you that you’re walking on eggshells? It sounds pretty difficult, right? In this class, we will show you how. We’ll also use this breakfast staple to demonstrate some of science’s most important principles. Additionally, you’ll build catapults, trebuchets, rockets and roller coasters to demonstrate concepts like kinetic energy, potential energy and Newtonian laws. This is science like never before. If you like smashing watermelons, this is the course for you.


The beauty of engineers is they solve problems we didn’t even know existed to make our world a more comfortable place to live. We’ll show you the physics behind the world around you and help you imagine and build task-based robots that will solve specific problems we create. To do this, you will be using a variety of different materials, including Lego Mindstorm Robotics based on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s programmable brick designs, to construct your devices. Once complete, you will also use a unique programming language to manipulate the gears, motors and sensors on your creation, “training” it to complete the assigned tasks. Along the way, of course, you will need to use math and physics to optimize your design and ensure your robot’s success.

Science: Explosive Experiments

Why do volcanoes erupt? How do engineers make a roller coaster feel dangerous, but keep it safe? What makes an airplane fly? Through hands-on science experiments, these are a few of the questions you’ll explore. Whether it is in the field of aerodynamics or chemistry, use the scientific method to form hypotheses and test them. While creating geysers, watching explosions and launching missiles, learn about scientific principles in an exciting, new way. Investigate everything from tiny microorganisms to the universe’s most massive energy sources.

Studio Art 

Enjoy the small class size as you use your creativity to design something special, all while under the guidance of our artistic instructors. Use a plethora of supplies from paint to pottery and everything in between. Your art stool awaits, so come experience the art studio at JKCP.

Nike Soccer

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced player; our world-class instruction will let you take your game to the next level. Our Olympic level coaches blend individual and team-based training to maximize long-term progress. Focusing on both tactical and technical development, the program aims to create well-rounded players. Training with players from all over the world, you will improve your on-field vision, decision-making, composure, scoring and finishing. Made up of former players and international coaches, our trainers combine professional level tactics and training techniques to take your game to the next level.


We’ve trained tens of thousands of tennis players and we know that each player has unique goals, interests and strengths. So, we created programming designed to match your unique needs. You choose the intensity you want, and we’ll give you the best experience and the best results. You will choose from one of the following tracks: Basic Training, Tennis for Improvement, Tennis to Compete, Tennis for Tournaments and Tennis for College. Then, each day, you will pick from a variety of electives within your chosen track, so you can focus on areas of your game that both interest and benefit you most.