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JK Xtreme

Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs

JK Extreme

Xtreme Riding for Ages 7–14

JK Xtreme is an exciting immersion in the world of skateboarding, inline skating or BMX freestyle with professional instruction, camaraderie and fun for boys and girls,ages 7 to 14!

The camp offers an aggressive training program and state-of-the-art skatepark with more than three dozen pieces of apparatus to help riders push their talents to the limit. Our accomplished instructors use the most advanced training approaches and equipment to create the best experience for each skater. In addition, they provide careful supervision and make sure mandatory safety gear is worn at all times.

Skatepark Apparatus

  • Vert Ramps
  • Flybox
  • Quarter Pipes
  • Funbox
  • Flatbank
  • Pyramid
  • Grind Spine
  • Launch Ramps
  • Grind Rails
  • Tabletop with Rail
  • Kickers
  • Flybox with Ledge

This Camp’s Got Pop

All training is specifically geared to the rider’s skill level. JK Xtreme campers are rated according to their level of ability and placed in small groups for individual instruction from our teaching pros. Beginners concentrate on basic balance, steering, stopping and sport etiquette. Experienced riders work on assorted equipment and terrain to master advanced maneuvers and stunts.

So whether you want to develop solid fundamentals or get creative with some big tricks, JK Xtreme is a great place to hang with people who share your excitement for riding. Let our staff of professional skaters and riders improve your balance, skills and flow.

Throw Down Some Flair

Skateboarding — Have fun at our skatepark as you learn to grind, ollie, and ride the ramps and rails. Instruction includes group sessions and one-on-one work on individual tricks. For beginners, goals are building confidence and getting comfortable on the skateboard. For intermediate and advanced skaters, we emphasize developing greater confidence and style, while introducing more difficult stunts and tricks.

Inline Skating — Learn grind tricks, including backslides, frontslides and Royale, and air tricks such as a 180 spin and mute grab. Lessons are given in the skatepark, with instruction on mini-ramps, vert ramps, rails and the street course. Instruction and practice on custom-made pro-quality grind rails of various shapes and heights is included.

BMX/Freestyle — Program includes introduction to speed maneuvers, competition stunts, smooth links and switches, and daily practice. Freestyle instruction and practice uses pro-quality skatepark ramps and special freestyle terrain. We’ll also cover technical issues and riding stuff such as gearing your bike, choosing tires and outfitting your rig for special stunts.

9:00–9:10 Lineup
9:15–10:20 Individual Skills Class
10:25–10:40 Break
10:45–11:55 Individual Skills Class
12:00–12:35 Lunch
12:40–2:00 Individual Skills Class or Competition
2:05–2:20 Break
2:25–3:30 Freestyle Competition
3:30–3:45 Lineup & Dismissal