Dining San Francisco

The Choice Is Yours

Students love the large selection available to them when dining on campus. Most meals are served in a college cafeteria-style dining center and meals are catered by the campus Dining Services team. 

Students enjoy the large selection of foods offered in the dining center. Breakfasts include fresh fruits and juices, breads, bagels and croissants, a cereal bar, waffles, pancakes or French toast, and eggs and omelets. There are all sorts of sandwiches, wraps, pizza and salad bar for lunch, and a variety of hot entrees for dinner.

Having so many options can be an adjustment for some. We recommend eating well-balanced, nutritious meals that keep your energy level high and your body feeling great.

If students have any allergies or dietary restrictions they should be noted on the Health Form.   

Dining Off Campus

We know students enjoy eating at restaurants; so we have designated at least one evening per week plus Saturday lunch and dinner for off-campus meals. It's a fun opportunity to dine with new friends. Students are responsible for purchasing all their off-campus meals. We generally choose locations with a few restaurant options so students can select something they will most enjoy. 


If there are snacks you love, you can bring them with you or buy them when you are off campus. On or near campus, you will find snack and coffee shops to grab a quick bite.