JKCP Employment Overview

JKCP is a great place to work. It's more than a job, it's an experience.

From a few weeks in the summer to full-time employment, you’ll be wowed by the dynamic atmosphere, unforgettable environment and rich mix of cultures. No matter which JKCP program you are working with or which position you hold, you’ll find a friendly, diverse and eclectic group of students and staff from around the world.

We believe an exceptional staff is the key to our success. We are always looking to expand our team with energetic, responsible people who enjoy working with teens and their families.

For you. Or someone you know.

Explore our employment pages and you’ll discover why so many people, nationally and internationally, want to be a part of our team.

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Available Jobs

  • Tennis Professional — At the Julian Krinsky School of tennis, we’re always looking for a few good pros that embody the spirit of the school’s founder. In short, applicants should be enthusiastic, entertaining, personable and – above all else – knowledgeable of the ins and outs of the game. If you feel you match these criteria, please click the “apply now” tab and take the first step in the process to begin your career with us! I promise, you won’t regret it!
  • Golf Professional — If you’ve ever shopped around for places to improve your summer swing, you know that there’s golf camp and there’s Golf Camp. We’re looking for pros that can both take a student’s game to the next level and create summer memories that will last a lifetime. Excellence required; par for the course simply will not do. If you’re up for the challenge, reach out to us by clicking the “apply now”.
  • Teachers — We’re always looking for instructors at our summer programs who step outside the box and take education to a new and entertaining level. If you prefer wandering the campus, going off the beaten path, shocking your students and blowing things up to prove your thesis, than this is the gig for you. Like all of our other positions, we want to use your passion and knowledge to prepare students for the school year ahead, forge unforgettable experiences and facilitate the friendships that will last a lifetime. Whether your specialty lies in Physics or Phys. Ed, click “apply now” and let us know that you’re interested in joining this team of dynamic like-minded professionals.
  • Residential Counselor —  If you DON'T love kids or if you're not able to make an extraordinary summer spectacular, than this is NOT the job for you.  If, on the other hand, you want to join an organization that puts student fun as its number one priority and want to bring your unique talents to an international team dedicated to this mission, please click "apply now" and tell us all about yourself.  We'd love to meet you and hear your ideas for an amazing summer.
  • Residential Director — Do you have what it takes to be a leader? Are you up for the challenge of managing hundreds of students and dozens of staff members from across the globe? If you've answered yes to both of these questions, than you have exactly half of what it takes to be a great Residential Director. To complete the equation, though, you must be able to accomplish all tasks, while simultaneously fostering an on-campus culture of fun. I know, this is a tall order. If, however, you think you have what it takes, please click "apply now" and we'll start the interview process right away.

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Employment FAQs

What will be expected of me?

Summer is “showtime” so everyone is expected to pitch in at any time to help on any project to ensure the company’s continued success. This requires a high degree of commitment and dedication to working long hours, being on call for any situation, and being flexible and dynamic in approaching any new job with creativity and vigor.

What’s the difference between day and residential staff?

JKCP prides itself on offering two sets of staff. The instructors who teach the students during the day and the residential staff who oversee the students when they are not in their classes. This allows us to provide the highest level of instruction and care at all times.

Where will I live if I am a residential staff member?

Unlike most summer camps, all of our residential programs are located on prestigious college campuses in Philadelphia and its suburbs. We provide housing for all our residential staff in modern college dorm facilities. Each room has its own air conditioner (or fan), closet space and desk.

What perks are included?

Besides your base salary, we also provide the following for residential staff: 
• A private room with an air conditioner or fan
• Three meals per day
• JKCP staff shirts to wear during working hours
• Money for meals out when you’re required to work off campus during a meal time
• Admission to attractions you are assigned to attend with campers
• Workman’s compensation
• Transportation from a nearby airport or train station to camp
• Basic first aid by a registered camp nurse.  Plus, most residential counselors will get to see attractions by accompanying campers on some of the evening and weekend excursions. You’ll also have one day off per week (except the first and last week of camp) to spend how you like. You certainly won’t be able to fit in everything there is to see in our area. In fact, you’ll probably want some “down time” to recuperate on your days off. So, you might want to spend some time at the end of summer once camp has ended to do some sight seeing with the new friends you’ve made.

What will I eat?

JKCP provides meals for its staff during working hours. The food at camp is typical of a college freshman year cafeteria. Salad, fruit, vegetables, sandwich deli bar and different hot entrées accompany each lunch and dinner. Daily menus are posted. Some campuses also offer a la carte dining. If you have special dietary needs or allergies, please contact us prior to your arrival. There is at least one evening per week for an off campus meal.

What can I do on my day off if I am a residential staff member?

The options are unlimited. If you are off on Saturday, the camp trips are an option. If seating is available, you can travel with the campers on their weekend trips. If you want to venture out on your own, you can tour historic Philadelphia, a city rich with art, culture, entertainment and fun. Want to see one of the largest retail malls in the U.S.? A 15-minute car ride will take you to the King of Prussia Mall with 400 stores, restaurants and boutiques, including eight major department stores. If you can find a driver, check out the New Jersey Shore, famous for its beaches and boardwalks. Check out www.visitphilly.com for more information about Philadelphia and its surrounding suburbs.

How do I get a visa if I am traveling from outside the U.S.?

A citizen of a foreign country who wishes to enter the United States to work as a camp counselor must first obtain a nonimmigrant (J) visa. Before you can apply for a J visa you must be accepted for the Exchange Visitor Program through a Department of State designated sponsor. JKCP will be your designated sponsor (unless you are coming to the U.S. via an agency such as CCUSA or BUNAC, in which case the agency is your designated sponsor). As your designated sponsor, JKCP must issue a DS-2019 generated by the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS), which maintains current information on exchange visitors. Below is the procedure for obtaining a JKCP-sponsored J1 visa. 1. You will receive an email requesting specific information needed to issue your DS2019. Please respond promptly to this email. 2. Upon receiving your information, we will process the DS-2019, pay the required SEVIS fee on your behalf, and mail you the DS-2019 along the receipt for the SEVIS fee and an original signed contract. You will need to take these documents to the U.S. Embassy when you apply for your visa. (Check with the embassy about other forms and processing fees required to complete your visa application, since these vary by country.) 3. Make an appointment with the US Embassy in the country where you currently reside. Be sure to indicate that you are applying for a J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa. ALTHOUGH THIS APPOINTMENT MUST OCCUR AFTER YOU RECEIVE YOUR DS-2019 AND NOT MORE THAN 30 DAYS BEFORE YOUR DEPARTURE FOR CAMP, WE URGE YOU TO MAKE THE APPOINTMENT IMMEDIATELY TO ASSURE THAT YOU GET AN APPOINTMENT WITHIN THE APPROPRIATE TIME FRAME. Please visit the U.S. Department of State website to locate the U.S. embassy nearest you, book an appointment online, check on the wait time for appointments and visas, and learn more about the visa application process. We advise you to begin the above process immediately to allow ample time for your visa processing. You will not be permitted to enter the U.S. without your visa. 4. When traveling to and from the US, keep your visa, passport, driver's license, employment contract and DS-2019 with you at all times. NEVER SURRENDER THESE DOCUMENTS TO ANYONE AS YOU MAY BE REQUIRED TO SHOW ANY ONE OR ALL OF THEM WHEN TRAVELING BETWEEN COUNTRIES. You will also need to bring a pen, and the following information:Physical residential domicile in the U.S:
Haverford College
370 Lancaster Ave
Haverford PA 19041-0333U.S. contact person for J-1 Exchange Visitor Program:
Steve Robertson

Who pays for my visa?

If we are sponsoring your visa, JKCP pays for the visa cost. By that we mean we incur all the charges for processing your DS-2019, but you will have the following responsibilities: 1. You can typically expect to be required to pay nominal fees for your embassy appointment, visa processing, and document delivery when you apply for your visa at the U.S. embassy in your home country. 2. During the summer, we will deduct $300 from your paycheck for some of the cost of your visa fees, which includes your required minimum health-care coverage. Please be aware the $300 we receive from you is about half of what you would have paid if you had applied for a visa directly and less than the actual expenses we incur for sponsoring your visa. If you are coming through an agency, speak to your agency about visa fees.

How do I get paid?

Your employment contract will contain specific information about your salary amount, whether it’s by the hour, week or a full summer rate. Agency Staff: If you are coming to camp through an agency (such as CCUSA) you will be paid a stipend: first, $200 will be issued to you during our first payroll period at the beginning of the summer. Then, at the end of the summer, in accordance with your contract, the final amount due will be paid. International Staff: International staff on a JK visa are paid via paycheck on a bi-weekly basis during our regular pay cycle. USA Staff: The academic/teaching staff and U.S. counseling staff are paid via paycheck on a bi-weekly basis during our regular pay cycle. Teachers will be responsible for filling out timesheets and submitting them to the Academic Director for approval every 2 weeks. Counselors will not have to fill out a timesheet.

What are the students and counselors like?

Our programs attract students and staff from over 40 U.S. states and 35 countries. We draw a diverse population of cultures, languages and backgrounds. All our staff must be fluent in English; however, if you speak another language it can be helpful! In general, our students are high-achieving and talented.

Do I need a Social Security number?

A Social Security number is a form of identification issued by the U.S. government. Yes, you need one to be paid in the U.S. It will also allow you to open a back account so you can deposit your checks, make cash withdrawals, wire-transfer to an account at home and use a debit/credit card for purchases. Representatives from Social Security Administration will be on campus during orientation week to assist you in obtaining a social security number. There are certain documents you will be required to produce to apply for a Social Security number, several of which you will have only after you have received your visa. Please bring copies of the following forms with you to camp, because access to a copy machine at camp will be extremely limited:
• The visa page in your passport
• The photo page of your passport
• DS-2019
• Your I-94 document that should be attached to your passport.