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Employment Expectations

What to expect

You can expect to...

  • meet people from all over the world
  • converse in English - and pick up a new accent each day
  • work with some of the best camp staff in the country
  • make lifelong friends
  • be a team player
  • feel like part of the family
  • learn what a hoagie and a cheese steak are
  • get a ride to camp from a nearby airport or train station
  • take public transit to most anywhere you want to go
  • get some time off each day and a day off each week
  • improve your leadership skills
  • gain a better understanding of children and teens
  • be a role model for campers
  • be an adult and be treated like an adult
  • get lost in the largest retail shopping mall in the country
  • work hard, play hard and be tired - very tired
  • laugh, smile and have fun every day
  • have your own room or share with another counselor
  • be in your bed by 1:00 am - and hit the pillow hard
  • join some of the many camp trips to world-famous cities and attractions
  • enjoy a variety of good foods
  • eat meals with campers and other staff
  • learn to pronounce Schuylkill
  • do your own laundry
  • use your imagination and creativity
  • experience hot and humid days and nights
  • try something new
  • earn a competitive wage
  • miss home
  • miss camp more than you missed home

You cannot expect to...

  • encounter a bear - except at the zoo
  • sleep until noon - except on your day off
  • be bored
  • room with campers
  • sing songs by a campfire
  • know everything there is to know about camp on your first day
  • use alcohol or tobacco on any of our campuses
  • pack everything you’ll need for the entire summer
  • have a personal chauffer waiting for you when your plane arrives
  • start the day with calesthet-ics (unless of course you want to)
  • please everyone all the time
  • be lonely
  • finish that book you started eight months ago but couldn’t find the time to read
  • stay out all night - even on your days off
  • wake up on time without an alarm clock
  • go on every trip the campers take
  • learn to spell Schuylkill
  • wear the same clothes you wore yesterday
  • see fireworks at a Phillies baseball game - unless it’s the 4th of July
  • leave camp the same person you were when you arrived