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Camp Life

Where will I be living?
Junior Camp is located on the campus of Cabrini College and Senior Camp is at Haverford College. Tennis pros will have a single or double room in a dormitory or fraternity house on campus. Each room has its own refrigerator, fan (if not air-conditioned), closet space and desk. Bathrooms and showers are shared with other staff. Linens will be provided.

Haverford and Cabrini are both located in very safe neighborhoods, and security on the campus is very good. You will receive a room key on arrival. It is up to you to keep the room locked, as we will not be responsible for lost or stolen property. If the key is lost, you will be responsible for the $100 replacement fee charged by the college.

The campuses are smoke free, tobacco free and alcohol free. You will be required to abide by these restrictions while on campus and at any time you are with campers or involved in JK programs. Most of the campuses have an athletic track, sports fields and tennis and squash courts. Certain sport activities need pre-approval, but during your orientation we will give you more information on this subject.

Staff at Cabrini and Haverford may be required to relocate for the last two weeks of camp, and we will make this transition as easy as possible.

How will I get around?
We provide daily transportation to and from camp for all of our pros each day via school buses. Because our camps are on college campuses, you can find most of what you need within walking distance. Generally the trains are very affordable and take you to most places of interest. Train tickets can be purchased at the train station and sometimes on the train.

On weekends, you can participate in special trips organized for tennis pros which will include destinations such as New York City, Washington DC or Atlantic City. For these trips, JKCP will provide a bus specifically for our group. For smaller trips you will be on your own.

Occasionally you may be able to find a driver who would be willing to take your group somewhere in exchange for paying his or her expenses for the trip. You should not expect camp vehicles to be available for your personal use.

What food is offered?
JKCP provides meals for its staff during working hours. Tennis Professionals eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in the college cafeteria along with campers and counselors. College food service prepares quality food with a variety of choices for even the pickiest of eaters. The cafeteria is closed on Wednesday nights and Saturday nights, so you will have to make your own arrangements for those two meals. Because your social interaction with campers is essential to their enjoyment of camp, we ask that you sit among campers and not just with other pros. You will be responsible for your own meals on your time off.

How will I be paid?
You need to submit a time sheet each Monday showing the private lessons and coaching you have done during the previous week including the first and last name of each student you taught. You will receive a paycheck each Friday afternoon for hours worked the previous week.

International and out-of-state staff should consider opening a bank account to avoid carrying cash with you, especially when you travel back home. A checking account will allow you to write checks and receive a debit/credit card for withdrawals at ATMs and purchases at many retailers. You can deposit your paycheck into your new checking account and the funds will be available to you in a few days. You can also transfer your balance to an account back home before you leave.

Where can I do my laundry?
Laundry facilities are available on-site at each of the apartments. It costs about $1.75 per load of wash. It is not necessary to bring laundry detergent with you. You can purchase detergent nearby for about $5.00.

How can people get in touch with me?
By phone - Although each individual camp will have its own office telephone line, campers and staff are not permitted to use camp phones for personal calls. At each college campus there are numerous public telephones available for use during your time off. We recommend that you use calling cards for these calls. In an emergency you may be contacted through our main office at 1-866-TRY-JKCP or 610-265-9401. A message will be taken and passed on to you.

Mail - All incoming mail goes through our main office and is delivered to the camps on a daily basis. Your mailing address will be:
      Your Name
      Camp Name
      c/o Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs
      610 South Henderson Rd
      King of Prussia, PA 19406 USA

E-Mail- You will be able to access your web-based email only at certain times throughout the summer. This includes accounts like AOL, Hotmail, and Yahoo.

What can I do on my days off?
The options are unlimited. A 20-minute train ride will take you to historic Philadelphia - the birthplace of America and a city rich with art, culture, history and fun. New York, Washington DC, Baltimore and Atlantic City are all accessible by train as well. There will be several organized trips throughout the summer to some of these destinations.

The King of Prussia Mall, the largest retail shopping mall in the US, is just a short ride by car or bus from Haverford and Cabrini College.

Check out these other helpful links for more information about Philadelphia and its surrounding suburbs.

   www.gophila.com - All the latest on what to see in Philadelphia
   www.pcvb.org/ab_phil/philamaps.asp - Philadelphia Convention Center and Visitors Bureau, great overview of the city, includes maps and directions.
What if I need medical attention while at camp?
Our camps are staffed with registered nurses that are your first point of contact in a non-emergency. We are minutes from an emergency room and a general practitioner. Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs will pay for all minor medical needs that can be dealt with on campus.

International pros hired through an agency should consult with their agency about health insurance. International pros coming to the US on a JKCP visa receive limited health insurance from JKCP, which is valid for the period of your contract. This is not a general health insurance policy, but an interim, limited benefit period, travel medical program intended for use while away from your home country. Unlike traditional health insurance policies, this group program does not guarantee payment to a facility or individual for medical expenses until the insurance company determines that it is an eligible expense. You can and possibly should have additional insurance as each doctor's visit will require $50 co-pay.

(See Insurance Information PDF form for more details on health insurance for internationals on JKCP visas.)

What is expected of me?

What is JKCPs philosophy of teaching?
At JKCP, we strive to provide the tennis camper first and foremost with a rewarding lifetime experience. In addition to our world-class tennis instruction, we want campers to enjoy making new friends from different parts of the world, learning about different cultures and discovering new places and knowledge.

Because every child we encounter is unique, our camp is designed to take into consideration the many needs of the individual. Different players respond well to different approaches, so we urge our pros to be flexible and utilize use a variety of teaching approaches.

On the court we expect our coaches to build upon a player's current ability. We aim to enhance the player's game and work together with their pro at home. Some students may express a need for some major change in their game. This will require a great deal of time and encouragement on your part, as major changes need a lot of time and reinforcement before they can truly improve the player's game. Students should be made aware that major changes won't take place overnight.

What do I wear to teach?
Professional appearance is essential as we strive to convey excellence in all we do. We will provide you with five JKCP staff shirts. Please wear a clean and non-wrinkled staff shirt at all times when you are working or involved in camp programs. If you appear with an untidy shirt, we will provide you with a new one and charge you $10 for the additional shirt.

Tennis pros are required to wear tennis shoes with your uniform. To present a cohesive team image, all tennis pros shall wear the following color shorts with their staff shirt:

      1.  Sundays & Wednesdays - Black
      2.  Tuesdays - White
      3.  Mondays & Thursdays - Navy Blue
NO TIGHTS OR BIKE SHORTS ARE PERMITTED. Please explore our website to see photos of typical staff and our dress expectations.

What else do I need to know about personal appearance?
There is more to presenting a professional image than the clothes you wear. We have learned from parent feedback that some body piercings, tattoos and certain hair styles make an unfavorable impression on parents. In deference to these concerns, our policy prohibits body piercings (other than discreet earrings), tattoos, or unconventional hair coloring or style. If you have a piercing such as a nose ring, we expect you to remove it for the duration of the summer. If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please speak to us before your arrival at camp.

How is camper discipline handled?
We strive to treat our campers like mature adults and expect them to treat us with the same courtesy. America may not be like other countries with regards the general treatment of children. Generally, American children are encouraged to be inquisitive, independent and outspoken. Please consider these attributes positively and try to be as helpful as possible at all times.

Should a campers behavior become disruptive to your instruction, you will have to use your best judgment. If a situation should arise where disciplinary action needs to be taken, please see a member of the head staff immediately and have them deal with the situation for you.

What will my schedule be?
We all know there is no such thing as a typical day in camp. That's what makes it so fun. But below is a sample schedule for our residential programs.This schedule will vary from camp to camp and depending on your position at camp.

What will I be doing besides teaching tennis?
Being a coach at JKCP is quite different from being a pro who works by the hours. There are times when you will be required to perform duties outside of coaching. This may range from drying the tennis courts in the case of rain to escorting the kids to and from transportation.

Tennis pros staying on campus will be required to help with camper departures for 2-3 hours on Saturdays or Sundays, for which you will be paid a flat wage. You may switch with a friend if you have scheduling conflicts. On Sundays, pros will be scheduled on a rotating basis to evaluate arriving campers.

You will also be required to attend weekly staff meetings on Wednesday's from 4 5 pm at Haverford College as well as two coach's seminar on dates to be determined.

At times, you may be asked to accompany campers to recreational activities. Although we want you to enjoy the activity with the campers, your first responsibility is to the campers and to be attentive to their needs. You must wear the camp uniform and remember that you are a responsible representative of our organization during these activities. You may also have other opportunities to teach tennis or do some other jobs that you will be paid for.

Pros are welcome to attend evening activities such as dances, talent shows, off campus trips, etc as space allows. There will be an awards ceremony on Friday evenings, and you are always welcome to attend.

Traveling to Camp

What shall I bring?
Summer is hot and humid in Philadelphia (80F - 100F, 27C - 37C), so plan to wear comfortable cool clothing. Sandals are a good idea for your days off, but are not permitted with the uniform. Besides uniform clothing (see "How do I need to dress?") you will need casual clothing for after hours and smart casual clothing for weekend activity and going out. You should bring enough clothes to last a week without washing. Coin-operated laundry facilities are available on all campuses.

Soap, shampoo, toothpaste, sunscreen and other personal items are fairly cheap in the USA, so you don't need to weight yourself down with a summer's worth of supplies.

Electrical appliances require a dual voltage switch and a 2-pin adaptor for 110 volt outlets, which are standard in the US. Travel steam irons are a great help to keep your clothes looking well ironed.

Internationals must keep the following items with them at all times when traveling:

  •ADriver's license, international driver's license
  •ACamp contract
  •AJKCP contact information (found on the Travel Information PDF form)
  •AA pen

We advise everyone to carry essential items in your carry-on bag in the event that your luggage should go astray. Here are some items we suggest you carry on:

  •Return airline tickets
  •Personal items such as glasses, contacts, medications
  •Travelers' checks, credit cards and/or cash
  •Alarm clock
  •Valuable items (cameras, personal music devices)
  •One day's worth of uniform clothing

How will I get to camp?
Our international pros and some US pros commonly arrive by plane to Philadelphia International Airport or Newark Liberty International Airport. Some US pros choose to come by Amtrak train to Philadelphia's 30th Street Station or by Greyhound or Capital bus lines to King of Prussia Station.

If you are scheduled to start on June 12 (with the majority of our staff), please arrive by 4:00 pm local time at Philadelphia International Airport or Newark Liberty International Airport so that we can coordinate your transportation with others who are arriving on that day.

You must complete the Arrival Departure PDF Form and return it to us by April 30th so that we can coordinate your pick up.

Before you leave home, print out the Travel Information PDF Form and carry it with you when you travel. Because flights are often delayed or canceled, we will not send someone to get you until you have arrived. Once you have arrived safely at your destination airport or train station, call Steve Robertson and he will let you know where and when to meet your ride. If you get Steve's voicemail, leave a detailed message with information about where you are and a call-back (cell) number if possible. If you do not have a call-back number, leave detailed information about your location, and call Steve back in 30 minutes to receive further instructions. This information is summarized in the Travel Information PDF Form.

If you are scheduled to arrive at camp on a day other than June 12, you will have to arrange your own transportation to Philadelphia International Airport or a local train station such as 30th Street Station in Philadelphia, and we will pick you up from there.

What if my plans change after completing my "Arrival Departure Form"?
Please notify Steve Robertson of any changes to your travel plans as soon as you become aware of them. Prior to departure you can reach Steve at 1-866-TRY-JKCP.

Where can I find maps and routes for local airports and train stations?
Simply follow these links:

   •Newark Liberty International Airport
   •King of Prussia Station

What if I still have questions?
Although we've tried to address the most frequently asked questions, you may still have concerns or areas that need clarification. We don't expect you to know everything there is to know before you arrive at camp. Orientation is designed to answer more of your questions. However, if you have a question or concern that must be answered before your arrival, return to the employment page and review the 3-step process for completing the employment process. Many of the questions counselors have can be answered there. If you can't find the answer there, you may call Steve Robertson or Betsy Stecz at 1-866-TRY-JKCP or email us at or .

International Staff

What is a Social Security Number?
A Social Security number is a form of identification issued by the US government to individuals for census purposes.

Why do I need a Social Security Number?
Most importantly, it's the law. You must have a Social Security number to work and receive a salary in the US. Social security numbers are also required to open a bank account, which will allow you to deposit your paycheck, make cash withdrawals, wire transfer to an account at home, write checks, and use a debit/credit card for purchases at most retailers.

How do I get a Social Security number?
Obtaining a Social Security number is very easy and can be done after you arrive in the US. Social Security personnel on campus on a specified date to assist staff members in obtaining their Social Security numbers. We will notify you of the date when Social Security will be on campus as soon as we know it. Should you miss the opportunity to obtain your Social Security number on campus, we will arrange transport to take you to their offices.

How do I get a visa?
A citizen of a foreign country who wishes to enter the United States to work as a camp counselor must first obtain a nonimmigrant (J) visa. Before you can apply for a J visa you must be accepted for the Exchange Visitor Program through a Department of State designated sponsor.

JKCP will be your designated sponsor (unless you are coming to the U.S. via an agency such as CCUSA or BUNAC, in which case the agency is your designated sponsor). As your designated sponsor, JKCP must issue a DS-2019 generated by the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS), which maintains current information on exchange visitors.

Below is the procedure for obtaining a JKCP-sponsored J1 visa.

      1.  Complete the DS-2019 Information Form and return it to us with a photo as soon as you receive an offer of employment. (You will also need two more photos for your passport.)

      2.  Upon receiving your completed form, we will process the DS-2019, pay the required SEVIS fee on your behalf, and mail you the DS-2019 along the receipt for the SEVIS fee. You will need to take these two documents along with your employment contract to the US Embassy when you apply for your visa. (Check with the embassy about other forms and processing fees required to complete your visa application, since these vary by country.)

      3.  Make an appointment with the US Embassy in the country where you currently reside.


Please visit the US Department of State website to locate the US embassy nearest you, book an appointment online, check on the wait time for appointments and visas and to learn more about the visa application process.
We advise you to begin the above process immediately to allow ample time for your visa processing. You will not be permitted to enter the U.S. without your visa.

      4.  When traveling to and from the US, keep your visa, passport, driver's license, employment contract and DS-2019 with you at all times. NEVER SURRENDER THESE DOCUMENTS TO ANYONE AS YOU MAY BE REQUIRED TO SHOW ANY ONE OR ALL OF THEM WHEN TRAVELING BETWEEN COUNTRIES. You will also need to bring a pen, and the following information:

            1.  Physical residential domicile in the U.S
                 Haverford College
                 370 Lancaster Ave
                 Haverford PA 19041-0333.

            2.  US contact person for J-1 Exchange Visitor Program
                 Steve Robertson

Who pays for my visa?
If we are sponsoring your visa, we do - and you do. By that we mean we incur all the charges for processing your DS-1029. You will be required to pay a processing fee at the US embassy when you apply for your visa. In the early part of the summer, we will deduct $300 from your paycheck for visa fees. Please be aware the $300 we receive from you is about half of what you would have paid if you had applied for a visa directly and less than the actual expenses we incur for sponsoring your visa.

If you are coming through an agency, speak to your agency about visa fees.

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