at Enrichment Day

Werner Heisenberg reminds us that “not only is the Universe stranger than we think, it is stranger than we can think.”

This course will both help you make sense of the universe around you and propel you to the head of your upcoming Physics class. Anyone who has ever attempted a course like this knows that it can be incredibly confusing. The irony, here, is that while physics tries to simplify everything, the process is messy. At JKCP, though, we try to do things a little differently. Like all of our classes, we work in small groups and get “hands-on” with our projects. So, you can put away your notebooks and develop a more in-depth understanding of physics through experimentation, without worrying about Tests or Quizzes.  This class will give you the skills, tools and confidence necessary to excel in an accelerated or advanced physics class for the upcoming school year.