at Enrichment Day

See objects from a new angle.

Some say, “a drawing is just a line going for a walk.” At JKCP, we believe that the sky’s the limit when it comes to art and creativity. Whether your aspirations center around drawing or painting, this course is for you. Experimenting with different media like charcoal, pencils and pastels, you will explore the science of drawing through a series of fun, interactive lessons. Our resident artists will teach you how to “see” your subject from an objective angle and “draw on both sides of the line.” We believe drawing is not solely about what you are depicting on the page, rather a mix of the shape you’re making on the inside of the line and the outside of the line. When you treat these shapes as equally important, you can begin to make real progress. You will also learn to critique your classmate’s drawings and, more importantly, accept constructive criticism on your own work. So, whether you’re an amateur artist or a serious sketcher, join us this summer and build your portfolio.