at Enrichment Day

Every room has a story to tell. What will yours say about you?

In an age of mass-produced houses and IKEA furniture, interior designers are becoming more and more important to help us “create” our home. In this course, we will teach you to look at every room like a work of art and optimize your creation to meet specific objectives. Studying color theory, spatial arrangement, floor plans and more, we will explore traditional and modern design theory to unlock your critical eye that will help you find the hidden potential in any room.  Once we have established the fundamentals, you will learn about industry trends and how to design rooms based upon a client’s unique needs and personality. In doing so, you will learn how to develop a color scheme and choose materials to compliment that color scheme. You will also build a materials board and develop floor plans and perspectives for a space you’ll design. When you finish this course, you will both understand all the career paths an interior designer might take and be ready to transform your bedroom into the most spectacular room in the neighborhood.