MMA: Mixed Martial Arts (14-18)

at Enrichment Day

Martial Arts are quickly becoming some of the most popular types of non-traditional workouts.

Since they break up the monotony of a typical gym workout and serve the dual purpose of teaching you how to defend yourself, it’s a win-win situation. This course will lay the foundation for effective progression and advancement through any specific martial discipline, all while giving you a great workout. Throughout the course, you will cover the basics of striking, grappling and defense across the popular disciplines that make up Modern Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Learning these particular skills is the best way to ensure you stay safe in a MMA environment and allow you to progress as a MMA athlete. More importantly, though, our focus will help you build more than muscle; our training will build your confidence and promote respect, compassion and a calm, well-grounded mentality. So, “kick” your summer into overdrive and join us for a course that will teach you the skills that will last a lifetime.