at Enrichment Day

Start your day on a positive “note.”

If music is in your blood, this is the course for you. At JKCP, we believe music is emotion looking for words, and we’ll help you write the script. From studio to stage, this course will help you grow as both a solo and ensemble musician and develop your performance, composition and recording skills. Whether you are coming on your own or with a band, you will work with a band to develop a set list, master the songs, record your session in a professional studio and perform every Friday for a group of adoring fans. If you’re like most of our students, you will come alone and we’ll place you in a band that shares your musical genre preferences and has a similar skill level. Each band will have professional instructors to help you perfect your instrument or voice and work as a unit to deliver the best performance possible. Whether it is the excitement of recording a CD in a professional recording studio or the thrill of performing at some of Philadelphia’s most famous venues (Love Park and the Art Museum’s “Rocky Steps”), we guarantee this course will help you harness your inner Hendrix and make you feel like a music legend.