at Enrichment Day

Be the artist you're meant to be.

Without art, the earth would be just “eh.” At JKCP, we believe we can accomplish great things by bringing a series of small things together. This course will help you focus on the small things that lead to a great work of art. Whether you are into photo-realism or surrealism, we will help you cultivate the skills that will unleash your inner artist. Color and form are two of the most important concepts in any artistic piece. You will work with different media to explore both these concepts and use a variety of different subjects to explore proportion, space and color theory. After studying these concepts and analyzing the material qualities of the paint you are using, we will practice mixing colors and various methods of canvas application. All of this will allow you to explore different techniques in watercolor and acrylic paint to help you achieve your desired painting outcome. Michelangelo always said he saw his subjects in the marble and just kept carving until he set the person free. Join us this summer and let us “set you free” to be the artist you know you're meant to be.