Tennis at Enrichment (14-18)

at Enrichment Day

We have revitalized your tennis experience and are ready to give you the most amazing tennis instruction of your life.

Our tennis camp is reimagined, individualized and focused on YOU!

We’ve trained thousands of tennis players and we know that each player has unique goals, interests and strengths. So, we created programming designed to match your unique needs. You choose the intensity you want and we’ll give you the best experience and the best results. You will choose from one of the following levels:

  • Basic Training
  • Tennis for Improvement
  • Tennis to Compete
  • Tennis for Tournaments
  • Tennis for College

Then, each day, you will be able to pick from a variety of concentrations within this intensity level, so you can focus on areas of your game that both interest and benefit you most.

If you are just doing drills, serving and playing matches like your iTunes on repeat – it’s time to step up and try a different approach.

After 35 years, it’s clear that Julian Krinsky knows tennis. Now you can experience our newest innovation: five levels of tennis with personalized elective classes.

See the difference JKST will make in your game!

This is a Morning and Afternoon half-day course available at Enrichment.  For the full day Tennis program, click here.