Algebra II Boot Camp

at Residential Enrichment

Have you ever looked at “X” and just wondered “Y”? If that’s the case, this might just be the course for you.

You can get a head start on Algebra II for the upcoming school year and delve into all the core concepts that you will need to get that “A.” Don’t worry if quadratic equations and algebraic inequalities sound like a foreign language, we will get you up to speed and soon you’ll be using algebraic symbols and analyzing their properties with ease.

Get away from the traditional classroom environment, and work in small groups with our expert instructors. Not only will you benefit from plenty of one-on-one attention and take away much more than is possible in a typical scholastic environment, the small class sizes allow for a level of interaction that is impossible during the rest of the year. Even though graphing the solutions of linear, absolute and Quadratic inequalities on a linear plane can, admittedly, be boring, we will step outside the framework of a traditional classroom to show you real-world applications of these principles and teach you the tips and tricks to solve these problems on your upcoming tests and quizzes. So, come join us and build on the fundamentals to prepare for future academic challenges in our Algebra II Boot Camp.