Calculus: Core Concepts

at Residential Enrichment

If you think that General Calculus is a Roman War Hero and serving Pi for dessert is a rational idea, you absolutely need to take this course.

We will get you ready for your upcoming calculus course by helping you master the key concepts. Don’t let the skills you have already learned deteriorate over the summer.  This class will help you practice and build upon the fundamentals learned in pre-calculus to get a head start on the approaching school year.

Working in a low teacher to student ratio environment, we will work with you to break down the fundamental principles of limits, functions, derivatives and integrals into comprehensible pieces. Additionally, we will study the binomial theorem and understand both free and bound variables. Finally, we will analyze and discuss both Newton and Leibniz’s notation for differentiation. Removed from the pressure of tests and quizzes, this 12.5 hour “no-pressure” course will help you make “exponential” progress for the upcoming school year.