Chemistry Summer Course

at Residential Enrichment

Get a reaction.

When you say the word “chemistry” to people, you often get a lot of different “reactions". If you think that Na is the atomic symbol for disagreement, you might need a bit of a refresher. All kidding aside, we believe chemistry is a vital tool that can be used as a stepping stone for students interested in entering college or career disciplines involving science, technology, engineering, or math; it can also be instrumental in helping students prepare for the SAT and ACTs. No matter what your reason, this class will help you get a great foundational understanding of Chemistry for your future. In this course, you will increase your understanding of chemical nomenclature such as oxidation and reductions, ionic compounds, binary molecular compounds, inorganic acids and much more. You will also represent paired and unpaired valence electrons with Lewis Diagrams and use Redox reactions and Stoichiometry to study, classify and understand chemical reactions. Finally, you will walk away with a comprehensive understanding of the periodic table of elements. If getting ahead in chemistry is your goal this summer, look no further.