College Writing Summer Course

at Residential Enrichment

Make your essay stand out.

Spend some time with us this summer and perfect your writing style long before your fall deadlines approach. In college, writing assignments can be tiresome and demanding. Our instructors will help you respond to prompts and choose topics that showcase your own accomplishments, hobbies, interests, international experiences and role models to present the best possible version of yourself. Our master-level instructors will help you experiment with sentence variety, word choice and tone to help make your essay “pop.”

With plenty of individualized instruction, access to digital composition resources, peer review and constant critiquing, you will leave this course with an essay that will help you stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re trying to increase your chances of acceptance to that Ivy league school you have always dreamed about or get an “A” on your English Literature paper, this class is definitely the “write” decision.