Robotics Summer Camp

at Residential Enrichment

The ultimate math and science course.

The beauty of engineers is they solve problems we didn’t even know existed to make our world a more comfortable place to live. This, however, does not happen overnight. In this course, we will get you started by establishing the basic principles of mechanical engineering, showing you the physics behind the world around you and helping you both imagine and build task-based robots that will solve specific problems we create. To do this, you will be using a variety of different materials, including Lego Mindstorm Robotics based on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's programmable brick designs, to construct your devices. Once complete, you will also use a unique programming language to manipulate the gears, motors and sensors on your creation, “training” it to complete the assigned tasks. Along the way, of course, you will need to use math and physics to optimize your design and ensure your robot’s success. It’s kind of like Math and Science class combined, only way more fun. So, get out of the classroom and join us in the robotics lab this summer.