School of English Summer Course

at Residential Enrichment

Instruction with American immersion.

Our fun, fast-learning approach to language education provides opportunities for instruction with activities specially designed to increase your English vocabulary, comprehension and ability to communicate. Depending on your level of experience with the language, you will be placed in one of three levels. Our first level of English will focus mostly on rudimentary grammar and vocabulary acquisition. Our second level will focus primarily on conversational skills. Finally, our third level will focus on advanced linguistics, conversational idioms and standardized test prep. When you arrive, our Master Level Instructors will assess your English proficiency and place you in an appropriate level.

When you combine this instruction with the American immersion you will experience in your second course of study and extracurricular experience, you will be sure to make a ton of progress this summer. We will give you the skills to speak English more confidently, get you ready to take your Cambridge or TOEFL exam or just help you prepare for an English course in the upcoming school year. You can select your level of intensity and we'll make sure that your English experience exceeds your expectations.